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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC Release Date, New Maps & More

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC
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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC Release Date, New Maps & More

The Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC launches on January 31, 2017 at PlayStation 4. The game’s PC and XBOX One counterparts will come out in the later months. Check out to discover new maps and many other added features.

Perhaps, the biggest highlight that would welcome fans for this season’s release is the all-new program expansion pack, the Sabotage. The Sabotage fortunately brings in a whole new delight for the entire Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC universe. Ultimately, the expansion introduces 4 new multiplayer maps- Renaissance, Dominion, Noir and Neon.

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Check Out The Maps’ Relevance To The Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC Game:

  1. As suggested by its name, the Renaissance brings in the players into the ancient cities of Northern Italy. But the players get in there to fight with each other, and not to enjoy the classic architecture and renaissance in the place.
  2. Dominion transports the warriors into a somehow familiar Afghan atmosphere. Indeed, the whole atmosphere in this all-new map recaptures the Afghan territories of the Modern Warfare 2. But soon, it will slowly reveal to the players that it is nowhere in the world to be located. The whole atmosphere stands in Mars.
  3. Noir. The key image of this map is dystopia. The place’s details reveal futuristic Brooklyn juxtaposed with the dark, dry and broken corners of humanity. Nevertheless, the map vividly ingrains an apocalyptic horror in the player’s consciousness. Quite strangely, it may prove to be the most dangerous and brutal location in the game’s world.
  4. If you are looking for a brightly-colored, futuristic place location for warfare, the Neon map stands as the perfect setting. The places high-tech placement facilitates close-quarter actions for attack. Its middle-lane sightlines make up accessible attack charges for warriors.

Other Updates For The Call Of Duty Game:

An added feature of the game is the Rave in the Redwoods. This new game mode comes together with Sabotage’s various game mode selections. This survival game mode features zombies as enemies.

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