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Canon New Cameras 2017 Launch For PowerShot & IXUS Lines

Canon new cameras 2017
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Canon New Cameras 2017 Launch For PowerShot & IXUS Lines

The launch of Canon new cameras 2017 has come in a shot in the arm for the company. The company has managed to generate ample buzz with these new launches. The PowerShot and IXUS lines have been revitalized through these launches.

The Canon new cameras 2017 roster includes the PowerShot X Mark II which is integrated into the premium G-series lineup. There is the IXUS 185 which is joined by the 190 as well. The G9 X Mark II comes with the famed DIGIC 7 processor for images.

This will dish out premium quality images as per the company’s claims. The Canon new cameras 2017 lineup has got a boost through this launch. This will ensure faster detection in tandem with accurate subject tracking.

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More Details on the Specs & Features

The processor will also restrict all High ISO edge noise. It will also facilitate continual 8.1 fps shooting. The Mark II will also get the new dual sensing image stabilization attribute. This will offer 3.5 stops in terms of image stabilization.

The camera will also get 3X big aperture zoom lenses integrated into its box. PCMag reports that the Mark II will be able to capture premium images across low light conditions. This will be made possible through the 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

The Mark II will also be able to snap Full HD videos at a whopping 59.94 fps. It also gets built-in NFC and Wi-Fi features. The PowerShot SX430 IS has also been launched with a 45x IS 24-1080mm zoom lens. This camera is perfect for snapping faraway subjects and landscape photography.

What The IXUS Lineup Promises 

The camera gets a 20 megapixel CCD sensor backed by a DIGIC 4+ Image processor. The IXUS 185 and 190 are portable launches with tons of features. The cameras get NFC and Wi-Fi.

They also have the same CCD 20 megapixel sensor linked to the DIGIC 4+ image processor. Both cameras can snap HD movies at 25 fps. This has also been confirmed by Canon Camera News.

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