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Capcom Winter Sale: Full List Of Deals Here

Capcom Winter Sale

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Capcom Winter Sale: Full List Of Deals Here

The Capcom Winter Sale has sparked widespread excitement amongst enthusiasts. This sale should open up several exciting PC games at throwaway prices. The 2016/2017 Sale is currently in its third week of operations.

The Capcom Winter Sale offers exceedingly low prices for multiple PC titles as per reports. Some of these titles include Mega Man Legacy Collection and Street Fighter V. With a 2016 season pass, you can also get Umbrella Corps at a low price.

The Capcom Winter Sale also ensures that you get Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. You can also get Resident Evil Deluxe Origins Bundle in case you wish to have it all. Silicon Era reports that these deals will remain valid till at least 9th January.

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Coupons & Other Details

However, there are chances of them expiring earlier so you should act fast. You should use the DEALZON15 coupon from GMG while checking out. This will help you get the special prices for all these titles.

This coupon will help you get a whopping 15% off as per reports. Nintendo Life has confirmed that Mega Man Legacy Collection for Steam will be available at just $6.19. This is abysmally low in comparison to the original price point of $14.99.

Street Fighter V comes at $24.28 and $36.37 for the Deluxe Edition. The 2016 Season Pass costs $18.33 as well. You can also get the Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition for only $20.22. Umbrella Corps costs $16.14 for the Deluxe Edition and $12.14 for the regular Steam version.

Other Titles Available 

There are several other games at exceedingly low price points. Some of these include DMC: Devil May Cry, Remember Me and Lost Planet 3. Some others include Resident Evil Revelations and Strider which comes at just $3.64.

You should take advantage of the Winter Sale right away! Such low prices will be hard to find elsewhere!

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