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Cemu Wii U Lets You Play Games In 4K Resolution

Cemu Wii U
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Cemu Wii U Lets You Play Games In 4K Resolution

You can now upgrade your game’s resolution in 4k with Cemu Wii U.

Games such as Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Choronicles X and Super Mario 3D World can now be played in high definition with the help of the Cemu Wii U emulator.

Cemu is brought by the developers who call themselves Team Cemu. Their goal is to deliver Nintendo games on a PC platform. In addition, Cemu also gives users a chance to customize their graphics, giving them that high definition gaming experience.

One notable game that fans wanted to see upscaled is Super Mario 3D World. With the help of Cemu, it’s now possible to see Mario in 4k. Not only is the gaming experience enhanced with this emulator, it also showcases the beauty of the game developers’ work.

The 4k update graphic pack is currently only available to Cemu users on Patreon. Everyone will receive the graphic pack update on January 16. If you’re one of the few who can’t wait for it, you may pledge $5 of support to receive it.

Wii U Is Still Here To Stay

Though the public these days is focused on the Nintendo Switch, Team Cemu is making sure that the Wii U won’t be forgotten. Though using Cemu means players will have to shift to the PC, it still makes this emulator impressive and will have players reminisce their Wii U experience.

Furthermore, not much has been said regarding the specs for Nintendo Switch. But reports say it is unlikely it’ll have 4K features once it is released, citing battery life and storage problems should this feature be available.

Players look at gameplay as one of the most important aspects in a video game. But higher resolutions for games are also important. With that being said, the Cemu Wii U will definitely bring you the best gaming experience.

Check out how Super Mario looks like in 4K below.

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