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CES 2017 Samsung Gaming Monitors Specs & Price: Here’s How It Works

CES 2017 Samsung
Image source: Samsung US website


CES 2017 Samsung Gaming Monitors Specs & Price: Here’s How It Works

CES 2017 has introduced plenty of new tech for the gamers of our generation. Samsung is one of the electronics companies who will be introducing some of its gaming tech in this massive event.

At the CES 2017 Samsung will be showing off a bunch of new quantum dot curved monitors which have been especially designed for gaming. Andrew Sivori, Vice President for the CE-IT Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, said that the new Quantum Dot Curved monitors will “offer brilliant design, richer color, and even deeper contrast than ever before” as can be seen in its amazing specs.

Overall Specs

The new Samsung curved monitors use quantum dot technology. This is a display technology which offers a pure color reproduction in comparison to the LCD. It has a wider color range and provides for more vivid and stunning vibrant colors at any viewing distance with 125 percent sRGB color coverage.

The CES 2017 Samsung monitors have a maximum resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. The monitors have a unique 178-degree viewing angle. The physical design of these monitors, which is a clean and white chassis and three-sided boundless design, are plain yet artistically decorative.

CES 2017 Samsung

Image source: Samsung Newsroom US website

CH711 Monitor

The Samsung CH711 monitor has both 27 inches and 31.5 inches size variations. It has a curvature of 1,800R. It has a 360-degree design. The CH711 houses its power and HDMI cables inside the stand’s neck.

This model is set for release early this year.

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CFG70 and CF791 Monitors

Samsung will also be showing off the CFG70 and CF791 Quantum Dot Curved monitors.

The CFG70 comes in 24 and 27-inch sizes. Gamers can utilize its Gaming User Interface and calibration which is used to optimize presentation for any title in the FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS game genres.

The CF791 on the other hand, is a 34-inch model which has a 1,500R curvature and an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio. It offers a Leveraging Picture-by-Picture (PBP) technology, meaning users can load content through HDMI or DP input source. Users can place the content anywhere on the screen. A complementary Picture-in-Picture (PIP) functionality helps users customize, shrink and place content anywhere without depriving viewers of high resolution. An adjustable stand makes this monitor ideal for any workstation.

Samsung released these models commercially in the US last month. The CFG70 starts at $399 for the 24-inch and $499 for the 27-inch. The CF791 model is worth $999.

The CES 2017 Samsung booth will be located at Booth 15006 in Central Hall. Samsung will announce the price for the CH711 monitor then.

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