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Clash Of Clans Update: Here’s Why The Game Was Blocked In Iran

Clash of Clans

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Clash Of Clans Update: Here’s Why The Game Was Blocked In Iran

Clash of Clans has kicked up quite a storm in Iran of all places! Iranian Government censors placed a blockade on the game. This nationwide blockade came in wake of governmental concerns about the game promoting conflict amongst tribals.

Clash of Clans was blocked in Iran for several reasons as it emerges. The mobile game has reportedly garnered a whopping 64% in terms of market share in the country. It is hugely popular in Iran and censors have now started highlighting conflicts and violence as major drawbacks.

Clash of Clans was blocked in Iran due to these perceptions of governmental censors as per Polygon. The game may be unblocked in the future with certain restrictions. The deputy attorney general of Iran, Dr. Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, also released a major statement.

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What The Statement Said

This statement confirmed the “vast majority” in the governmental committee that had voted for limiting the availability of the game. The game can only be accessed through VPN services at present.

There have been several reports claiming that Mahmoud Vaezi had intentions of taking up the matter with the President of Iran. Vaezi is the communications minister of the country. However, nothing has been verified yet.

The Iran government had also banned Pokemon Go last year. The government claimed that the game posed a major threat to several sensitive locations in terms of security. As per BBC, the government committee took the decision based on several reports from psychologists.

Why The Committee Acted In This Manner

These reports apparently highlighted how the game encourages tribal conflict and violence. The committee also issued a warning about the app negatively impacting family life. This would happen since teenagers were getting dangerously addicted to the game as per sources.

The blockade was imposed on the 27th of December. Several sites then started reporting how players could not access the game thereafter. There are rumors of age limits being imposed on the game in the future.

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