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Clash Royale Update Gets New Cards, Spells & Features

Clash Royale update
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Clash Royale Update Gets New Cards, Spells & Features

Supercell’s newest trading card-tower game hybrid is getting another upgrade. The latest Clash Royale update has four new cards. However, are these enough to reinvigorate fan interest?

The Clash Royale update adds booster packs in the spinoff of the popular Clash of Clans game. The title takes the traditional strategy formula of Clans and adds its trading card game twist. Supercell hopes to create a title that mixes the best elements of tower defense and trading card games.

The result is a board game of sorts where players continuously try to eliminate the other by destroying their main towers. They do this by summoning creatures and casting spells. The newest Clash Royale update adds new iterations of these cards.

Clash Royale Update: New Cards

TNH Online details the four new cards in question. They are called “Bats,” “Bandit,” “Heal” and “Night Witch.” These will hopefully add more spice to the new title.

The Bats is a balance-support card very similar to Skeletons. However, Bats have the advantage of being able to fly in the air. This means Bats can target both airborne and ground units. The card costs two elixirs and take about 15 seconds to deploy, which makes them good choices against Goblins. However, its 67 damage-per-second rate is a good addition to decks.

The Bandit will be the first of the four cards to be released this March. As detailed by the Clash Royale website, it apparently is a legendary card that can dish out 160 damage per second. Interestingly, the Bandit gains immunity upon attack. This is like the Prince card’s special ability.

Heal Spell, Stronger Witch

The Night Witch is a stronger iteration of the Witch card. She can only target a single unit, and can only produce Bats. This is unlike the regular Witch that can summon Skeletons. Her hits also cause more damage than the average Witch.

Lastly, the Heal Spell is exactly what players expect it will be. The card is capable of healing 176 damage per second to a batch of units. It also has the ability to come back from the discard pile every three seconds.

The latest Clash Royale update will hopefully invite more fans to play the game. However, it will only be a matter of time before veterans commend or complain about the arrival of the new cards.

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