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Complete Guide To Resident Evil 7 Demo Endings & Secrets

Image source: @RE_Games Twitter account

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Complete Guide To Resident Evil 7 Demo Endings & Secrets

The Resident Evil 7  demo was revealed in an announcement in Sony’s E3 2016 press conference. The game is a first-person point of view horror game play.

Capcom then surprised fans more when they released a demo of the game. The plot goes like this – the player is engulfed inside a horror house that is full of secrets. The story starts through multiple flashbacks.

This guide to the latest and final Midnight Resident Evil 7 demo will help unlock the ending and secrets in solving five murder mysteries.

Unlock the True Ending

Euro Gamer member gives a guide in unlocking the True Ending of the Resident Evil 7 demo with the following:

  • Use the hidden lever in the fireplace. Grab the fuse from the secret compartment. Put it in the wall. Go upstairs and make the stairs to the attic drop from the ceiling to gain access to the attic. Go through the door. Grab the Basement Key on the left table.
  • Head downstairs to interact with the door to the right where an entrance to a new location is found.
  • Use the Basement Key on the gate at the end.
  • Go back to the basement through the door.
  • A monster will appear. Its movement will depend on the player’s actions. Leave the basement with two items. Don’t get hit by the monster to escape. Get the Valve Handle on the right. Go back out from the entrance. Spawn the monster from behind so as to avoid it more easily. When Jack hinders the player from leaving, run to the right. Get the Attic Window Key from the shelf. Go back out the door. If the monster is there, utilize the hanging body bags to knock it. Go upstairs in order to escape.
  • Go again to the attic. Use the key on the window to escape.
Resident Evil 7 Demo

Image source: @RE_Games Twitter account

How to Create the Dummy’s Left Hand

The Euro Gamer member also gives a guide in finding the Dummy’s Left Hand in order to solve the five murders throughout the house. This unlocks the Dirty Coin item that will unlock something in the full game.

To create the Dummy’s Left Hand, collect these three items:

  • The Dummy Finger: This can be found in the drawer in the hallway left of the opening VHS room.
  • The Object Made with Celluloid: This can be found in the new room in the attic. It is hidden behind the pile of TVs near the ladder.
  • The Blank Notebook: Search the drawers downstairs in the door to the right where an entrance to a new location is found.

To make the Dummy’s Left Hand, combine the Dummy Finger with the Object Made with Celluloid. Continue on with the Dummy’s Left Hand and Blank Notebook to investigate five murder sites. Open the inventory and investigate using the Dummy’s Left Hand by pointing it somewhere. If done correctly, it will vibrate. Thereafter, a passage will be added to the Blank Notebook

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Use the Dummy’s Left Hand to Solve the Five Murders

To solve the five murders with the Dummy’s Left Hand, follow these steps:

  • MURDER 1: On the ground floor, at the bottom of the stairs there is a fallen bookcase. Point the Dummy’s Left Hand at the bookcase. This gives the first murder passage in the Blank Notebook.
  • MURDER 2: Go up to the attic and after the steps, go round the corner. Look at the light on the upper right to hear a noise. Re-perform the steps in the True Ending mentioned above to escape the basement with the two items without being hit by the monster. Head back down and the monster disappears. go to the body bag on the stretcher and point at it.
  • MURDER 3: Get the Handgun by using the Valve Handle on the pipe in the bathroom. This is near the door to the right where an entrance to a new location is found. Flush the toilet. Get the Handgun. Go to the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor. On the wall above the stairs, shoot at the photo of a girl wearing a hood using the Handgun to hear a giggle. Go into the room under the stairs. Point the hand at the door.
  • MURDER 4: Stand in the doorway underneath the ground level staircase. Look at the mirror. Do a quick-turn with Circle (or B on Xbox) and back for another giggle. Go to the attic and go to the back left corner. Look up. Find the blue and white wires hanging over the wooden beam and point the Dummy’s Left Hand towards it.
  • MURDER 5: Play the VHS video tape by finding the Bolt Cutters by the back door on the ground floor. GO back to the previous corridor to use it on the chained cabinet. Collect the VHS tape. Play it into the VHS Player. Watch the flashback. Head into the monster basement and use the despawning method mentioned herein. Look at the doll on the floor in the corner to hear a laughter. Replay the tape until there is a giggle. Once it giggles, proceed to the kitchen. Open the cooking pot. Point the finger at the stew.

Enter the door in the corner of the attic and investigate the chair in the corner to get the Dirty Coin. Leave the attic using the True Ending method. The game is finished.

Resident Evil 7 Demo

Image source: @RE_Games Twitter account

Other Endings

 Game Rant also provided for the other endings in the demo updates as such:
  •  Ending 1 – Escape the House: First read first the note left on the table. Head into the hallway. Go to the kitchen to find a chained closet. Walk past it and down the hall to find a locked door. Find the Bolt Cutters by the back door. Return to the chained closet doors. Collect the VHS tape. Pop the tape into the VHS player in the starting room. Players will then be able to control themselves in the tape. During this, follow Pete to the VHS room to the kitchen. There is a secret place when Pete pulls the lever. In the present time, open the passage via the same fireplace switch, where the Back Door Key is found. Grab the key and then go back to where the bolt cutters were retrieved.
  • Ending 2 – Phone Call: Open the panel on the wall by pulling the secret lever in the fireplace. Enter the passage by crouching by the fire place and using the switch, where a fuse will be on the left upon entrance. Use that on the fuse box on the wall of the VHS room, then head upstairs. Press the button to make the stairs to the attic drop from the ceiling. Answer the phone in the room in the upstairs attic. Leave the room after to finish the demo.

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