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Conan O’Brien Clueless Gamer Segment To Have Own TV Series

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Conan O’Brien Clueless Gamer Segment To Have Own TV Series

The Conan O’Brien Clueless Gamer section on his talk show will now transform into a television series altogether. Conan first started this segment around five years back. In the segment, he usually played video games with content producer Aaron Bleyaert.

The Conan O’Brien late night talk show named Conan gained even bigger popularity with the Clueless Gamer section. Several jokes in the segment center on the host’s lack of interest in games. On the flipside, Bleyaert is depicted as someone who lives and breathes games.

TBS President Kevin Reilly has now announced the conversion of the Clueless Gamer into a cable television series. This will also have numerous celebrity guests. Game Rant reports that Conan O’ Brien Clueless Gamer series may follow the same format as before.

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What Else to Expect?

No official premiere date has been announced for the TV series as of yet. However, Conan O’Brien will keep commenting on games that he does not know much about. He will keep playing these games with Bleyaert. There will be several celebrity guests appearing as mentioned.

There is no word on their identities as of yet. As per Polygon, TBS may look to launch the show at major gaming events in the pipeline. These include the launch of games like Mass Effect: Andromeda or even Resident Evil 7.

When Could The TV Show be Launched?

The debut of the Nintendo Switch may be another biggie that TBS could look to cash in on. E3 2017 is another great time for the show to make its official debut. Several segments of the show have been shot at previous E3 events.

As a result, the event is happy hunting ground for the team already. 2017 fall is another period when some of the biggest games of the year are set to be released. This could be another favorable time to launch this game.

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