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Corsair Keyboard K95 RGB Platinum Specs: 8MB Onboard Memory & More

Corsair Keyboard K95 RGB Platinum
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Corsair Keyboard K95 RGB Platinum Specs: 8MB Onboard Memory & More

The Corsair Keyboard K95 RGB Platinum has just been launched at CES 2017. This exciting new device is accompanied by the Scimitar RGB Pro mouse. Corsair has been patient till the initial buzz over the event subsided and then launched several products.

The Corsair Keyboard K95 RGB Platinum gets RGB Brown or Cherry MX speed switches. There is an anodized brushed aluminum structure which is lightweight as well. The full size keyboard has six programmable and textured G-keys.

There are media controls and a number pad integrated into the Corsair Keyboard K95 RGB Platinum as well. Hardware playback is a major attribute of the keyboard along with 8 MB of memory on-board.

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What Else to Expect

PC Gamer reports that users can save game macros and other custom assignments directly. They can also save their profiles without any external software required. The keyboard gets USB 2.0 pass through and 100% anti-ghosting.

There is full key rollover along with a detachable soft touch wrist rest. There are contoured and textured MOBA and FPS keycap sets as well. The keyboard’s price has not been revealed yet. It will come in black or gunmetal anodized finishing later this month.

However, the gunmetal color will be available only in North American markets. The Scimitar Pro RGB mouse makes use of the same 12 button based design. It also gets a 16, 000 DPI PMW3367 optical sensor and onboard storage for profiles.

More on the Mouse

The mouse can tune the sensor for better performance on almost any surface. Games can also tweak DPI through the CUE capabilities. This enables swift tracking and greater accuracy. PC Perspective reports that there are 17 buttons for the mouse.

All of these can be reprogrammed or remapped with macros saved to the onboard memory. There are 12 side buttons as well which can be repositioned up to 8 mm. This can be done via the Slider system from Corsair.

The mouse is priced at $80 and supports four RGB lighting zones which are customizable. These can be directly saved to the mouse in question.

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