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Danganronpa V3 PS Vita: What To Expect In DLC Update

Danganronpa V3


Danganronpa V3 PS Vita: What To Expect In DLC Update

Danganronpa V3 has yet to be officially released. However, the PlayStation Vita version would immediately receive a data download update as soon as it is out in the market.

A downloadable demo for the latest Danganronpa game is already available in Japan, both for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 version. This gives the fans the chance to try out the upcoming Danganronpa game. Included as well is the necessary data and feedback for its developer and publisher, Spike Chunsoft.

Demos are beneficial for both the players and the developers. Aside from being able to play the game for free before it is released, players could also voice their concerns regarding the game. Concerns such as quality, bugs, and other errors. This feedback is valuable for developers in addressing and fixing the problems. This ensures publishers the quality of the content would be good once the game is official out in the market.

Danganronpa PlayStation Vita Data Update

The upcoming data update for the PlayStation Vita would address the flawed voice quality in the game. This is based on feedback from players who had played the demo version. The fans in Japan had great demands for the improvement of the voice quality, according to Yuichiro Saito, associate producer for the game.

Taking into account the specifications of the PlayStation Vita, the degraded effect in the voice quality isn’t that surprising, considering its capacity limitations. It is nice enough that developer and publisher Spike Chunsoft addresses this concern. While a DLC or data download update to fix the audio might feel off for some, but it is still way better than leaving the current voice quality as is.

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Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony

The third main game in the series, it is also the first game in the series to be ported to a home console. Players assume the role of “Ultimate Pianist” Kaede Akamatsu in this incarnation. Kaede finds herself trapped in a prison school, “Saishuu Academy”, along with 15 others just like in the previous games. Monokuma is back, and this time with 5 Monokuma Cubs. One still has to assume who is controlling Monokuma this time.

Danganronpa Killing Harmony Release Dates

Danganronpa Killing Harmony would be officially out in Japan on January 12 for both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. An English release for Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony is also confirmed, set to launch next year at a still unspecified month and date.

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