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Dawn of War 3 Escalation Mechanic: Everything We Know So Far

Dawn of War 3
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Dawn of War 3 Escalation Mechanic: Everything We Know So Far

Eight years after the release of Dawn of War 2, Relic Entertainment will release its sequel, Dawn of War 3 , on April 27, 2017. One of the latest features of the game includes the Escalation Mechanic and here’s how it works.

The multiplayer mode of Dawn of War 3 focuses on the destruction of the enemies’ core located in their bases. In order to do so, players have to destroy the turrets guarding it. In order to damage the turrets, they have to first destroy a shield generator.

This is where the Escalation Mechanic in Dawn of War 3 comes in. Whenever players lose a generator in the early game, they will have a hard time coming back from the match. The new mechanic simply changes how reimbursement and resource work through the course of a match.

In the previous Dawn of War 2, losing a shield generator early game can determine the outcome of the match. Meanwhile, the Escalation Mechanic ensures that the loss of one will not have much of an impact in the late game.

Decreased Refund & Increased Resource Flow

During the early game, players only have access to a relatively low amount of resources, but losses are forgiving. Every time the escalation increases, the reimbursement goes down but the resource flow rises. Meanwhile, health on generators, turrets, and the power core will also increase.

Developers seem to want to include the concept of comebacks within their game. Players are encouraged to probe the enemy early game and engage into combat without suffering too much casualties.

Its whole purposem according to Reddit usersm is to speed up the gameplay and make it more action filled. Having players just focus on base-building on the start and have the battles later on the game will have its down times.

Meta Shift

The game’s meta will change overall because of the Escalation Mechanic. Instead of having more units charge in at the enemy, players must revolve around this time-based mechanic, use it to their advantage, and attack.

The Escalation feature prevents snowballs from occurring, so if a player manages to destroy a turret first, it will not result into a stomp. Players can take advantage of the early game changes to the refund or decide to stall it out until late game for the extra resources.

The game is out now for pre-order over at the Dawn of War official site. It is available in Basic, Limited, and Collector’s Edition fro US$59.00, US$64.99, and US$129.99, respectively.

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