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DayZ PS4 And Xbox One Release: All Known Facts So Far

DayZ PS4
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DayZ PS4 And Xbox One Release: All Known Facts So Far

Bohemia Interactive confirmed during Gamecom 2014 that they will develop DayZ PS4 version. Last year, DayZ Creative Director Bryan Hicks confirmed that the game will also launch for the Xbox One, probably earlier than the PS4 because of Microsoft’s early access support with the Xbox Game Preview program.

This most likely confirms that DayZ will arrive for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, although Bohemia Interactive has yet to announce an initial release date. In Hick’s interview with Eurogamer, he assured fans that the console version of DayZ is not dead.

According to the same interview, the development of DayZ for the consoles would begin early 2017 “if all things go well.” He mentioned how Microsoft showed eagerness to push the game on their platform. Meanwhile, he did not say anything about Sony.

Although Hicks said that the development of a DayZ PS4 and Xbox One version would start development in early 2017, they previously expected a first console prototype version in the first quarter of 2016. Bohemia Interactive focused first on the PC version of the game before they eventually moved towards the console versions.

Bohemia Interactive has not yet committed to a concrete date, but they had an initial plan of hitting beta in 2016 and release in 2017. It is a goal that they continued to work for since they’ve set their plans, but with the new engine changes coming in, it would be tough to predict its completion.

Bohemia Interactive already has a small group of programmers making sure that both the DayZ  PS4 and Xbox One versions would work tech wise. Hicks wants to fully utilize the technology that both consoles have to offer.

DayZ PC Version Alpha Release

Bohemia Interactive allocated 99 percent of their development resources for the PC version of DayZ, making it their flagship platform. The development build first came out publicly on December 16, 2013 through Steam’s Early Access Program.

The Alpha version of the game sold over 172,500 copies on the first day which made over US$5 million. It remained at the top of Steam’s sales charts for two weeks in a row during the Winter Sale even though there was no price reduction.

By May 2014, DayZ has already sold two million copies and it increased by another million in January 2015. Considering these numbers, Bohemia Interactive is clearly determined in bringing the game to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So far, Bohemia Interactive have not yet provided any additional updates regarding the PS4 and Xbox One versions of DayZ. If they have already started in development as scheduled, fans might see a console release sometime in early 2018.

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