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Dead Rising 4 Update: New Difficulty Mode & Free Street Fighter Outfits

Dead Rising 4

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Dead Rising 4 Update: New Difficulty Mode & Free Street Fighter Outfits

Dead Rising 4 fans will have yet another form of entertainment in the popular zombie game. An update adds a new difficulty mode and new costumes for their delight. This adds yet another layer of hilarity for fans of the franchise.

Updates for Dead Rising 4 are bound to happen, given the game’s relatively young age. It was released last December 2016, just in time to add a layer of zombies for the Christmas season. However, the newest update will extend the holidays with more zombies and new features.

As with other Dead Rising titles, Dead Rising 4 continues the trend of parodying popular Capcom franchises. This time, the game takes a jab at Street Fighter. The game has other new features, however, such as a new difficulty mode.

Dead Rising 4: Ultra Hard Mode, Free Trial

The news came courtesy of Bryce Cochrance, the executive producer of the game. According to a Capcom Unity blog post, there will be two new difficulty modes in the game. They are not yet named and explained in detail. However, a few tidbits did elaborate on what players can expect.

The new difficulties will add yet another level of mayhem for players to enjoy. However, the two new difficulties will make enemies stronger and break Frank’s weapons faster. The food he eats will also heal less health, meaning every damage players deal – and receive – counts.

Players can test these new difficulties today, January 30. Additionally, players can smash their way into the new difficulties sporting new costumes as well. There also appears to be new features for first-time players.

Cochrance said players can try playing the game for an hour beginning January 31. This allows players to earn achievements and even carry their progress into a full game after their purchase. Players are allowed to experience both the Story Mode and the multiplayer during the trial.

Free Costumes, New Market

Street Fighter fans will be able to select costumes from the franchise for Frank to wear. Players who do not mind seeing Frank smash and shoot zombies as Cammy or Zangief may want to install this update beginning today, January 30. Unfortunately, Capcom has not elaborated just exactly what sort of costumes will be present in the update, but they will come from “five characters” – three of which are Zangief the wrestler, Cammy the secret agent, and Guile the soldier.

According to Polygon, the game also finally makes its way to Germany. Fans in Germany can now purchase the game on the Microsoft store beginning January 31. This is the first time a Dead Rising title has been made available in the market. Fans who like physical copies can also look for them in retailers by the end of February.

Dead Rising 4Rhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A screenshot of the new costumes in the game’s update. From left are costumes from Zangief, Cammy and Guile. (Capcom Unity)

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