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Dead Rising 4 Xbox One Sale Drops To $30 Or Less – Full Price List Here

Dead Rising 4
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Dead Rising 4 Xbox One Sale Drops To $30 Or Less – Full Price List Here

Dead Rising 4 is developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios. It was launched on December 6 and is currently available for Xbox One and PC. Although its release date was practically like an early Christmas present, the game seems to not be over the holidays. Barely a month after its release, Dead Rising 4 Xbox One game price is now on a massive sale.

How much is Dead Rising 4 Xbox One going for?

According to a report by Gamespot, it along with Amazon and Best Buy are currently selling the physical edition of the recently released survival horror game for $30 today. On top of that, a 20% discount can be availed if a buyer has a Gamers Club Unlocked membership at Best Buy. This will bring down the price tag to $24.

If buying from Amazon, however, a buyer can avail of free shipping as long as he or she is a Prime Member. If not, the $5.99 shipping fee can be dodged by in-store pickup.

The digital version also has the same price tag of $30 if bought on Gamespot and Best Buy. It is, however, not eligible for the Gamers Club Unlocked membership discount. The digital deluxe version of Dead Rising 4 Xbox One is also included in the sale, being sold at $50, which is $30 down from the original price if bought from Gamespot and Best Buy.

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If buying from Amazon, however, the game will be sold at $60 which is still a good deal considering that it is a $20 discount from the original price. According to a report by Deal News, the sale prices now is the lowest it has ever been since its launched three weeks ago.

Amazon and Gamestop did not announce until when their sale prices will last. For Best Buy, on the other hand, it is a “Deal of the Day” offer and will expire later today.

Do not miss out on the deal and head on to Gamespot, Amazon or Best Buy for this rare offer!

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