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Dead Rising 4 Xbox Release Date, Trailer: N-Word Email Read Here – Devs Apologize

Dead Rising 4 PS4


Dead Rising 4 Xbox Release Date, Trailer: N-Word Email Read Here – Devs Apologize

Dead Rising 4 Xbox has been creating quite a stir amongst fans and gamers. There has been a controversy recently when a promotional email on the game was dispatched to Xbox Live users. The email advertised growls on each key of a tiny piano with zombie groans and a zombie choir. This will let users play and also share their music.

This Dead Rising 4 email came with a “NNNNGGGHHHAAAA” title meant to be a zombie roar. However, this has echoes of the dreaded N-word, prompting Microsoft to apologize. Several people interpreted this as a major racial slur, according to VG 24/7.

There are reports of fans being hugely upset with this Dead Rising 4 Xbox marketing email title. Microsoft, however, apologized and promised to do way “better next time”. The apology was conveyed through Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb.

Dead Rising 4 Release Date, Trailer & More!

Dead Rising 4 will be launched on the 6th of December. According to Game Reactor, the fourth installment will have Frank West returning. The game will start with thousands of zombies inside an American shopping mall and of course, Frank’s goal is to survive.

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The game will be technically advanced than the earlier versions. The PC version will have higher screen resolutions and there will be no fps limits in place which is being welcome by gamers worldwide.

The gameplay will be much better for Dead Rising 4 and the reactions of the zombies are downright hilarious. The use of cross-bow arrows will make zombie groups bounce into the air. There will be fireworks accompanying this rather funny development. All the carnage will be separated into two by the Thor-like hammer as well.

There will be a huge club for Frank which will come with a new skull finisher. You can also tap into axe swings with integrated lightning whenever you are surrounded by zombies.

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