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Deadpool 2 Cast Could Have Hugh Jackman In Sequel

Deadpool 2
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Deadpool 2 Cast Could Have Hugh Jackman In Sequel

Actor Ryan Reynolds reveals to EW his interest over bringing in Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 2.

The Odds Mingle In Deadpool 2

Both characters Wolverine and Deadpool may be at odds in the comic world, but that doesn’t hinder the possibility of a pair-up soon. As Ryan Reynolds would say it, “I want Deadpool and Wolverine in a movie together.”

Following Hugh Jackman’s move for retirement after the film Logan, Reynolds held him in for some talks over the coffee. Reynolds is still convincing Jackman to change his mind.

If Reynold’s interest is taken heed by the latter, the Deadpool 2 project would involve the two arch-enemies together in the screen. The chances would rank up depending to whose view is taken.

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When asked to disclose his intention, Reynolds revealed that it is more personally-inclined. Reynolds has long dreamed to work with Jackman as friend and a mentor.

Although they’ve had a quick brush in X-Men Origins, it wasn’t that much sufficient. It was only later that Reynolds divulged with his writer his plans to tweaking the Deapool 2 story line. Fortunately, the nature of the Deadpool story holds easy angles for experimentation. Still, that doesn’t come without a price.

Deadpool 2, provided that Jackman gets swayed, will still manage to throw great brains off. The story line itself can already be very demanding.

The recently-awarded actor, Reynolds, maintains in-between careers. Currently, he cares for 1-year old baby girl, maintains relationship with wife Blake Lively and butt-heads with writers.

Within these, Reynolds manages to keep a quick friendly chat with Jackman. All these things keep him going, he says.

Hugh Jackman Walks Past

Hugh Jackman, on the other hand, nonchalantly walks across the hall of fame. A much fulfilled actor, Jackman is always ready to accept whatever life may throw at him after Wolverine career.

Who knows, he might give in to Reynold’s request.

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