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Death Mark PS Vita Confirmed: Here’s What To Expect

Death Mark PS Vita
Image Source: Screengrab PlayStation Japan/YouTube


Death Mark PS Vita Confirmed: Here’s What To Expect

Horror game lovers are up for an exciting surprise! Experience confirms The Death Mark PS Vita set for release this 2017. The company is known for developing dungeon RPGs and this game is their first horror adventure genre.

Back in December, Dengeki PlayStation revealed Shiin, or Death Mark through a creepy video. The 43-second teaser video is full of mystery. But today, it is finally revealed that the trailer is Nippon Ichi’s latest horror visual novel game.

Death Mark PS Vita Storyline

The game is set in Tokyo metropolitan H City. There is a rumor that “those who possess a birthmark known as the ‘mark’ will die.” Because of the mark, a mysterious event occurred. People who possess the mark were urged to go into a particular mansion where they can end the curse. Said mansion is owned by a beautiful talking doll. The doll, who is the mansion’s master, greets visitors who arrive at that mansion, Siliconera reported.

When inside, those who have the mark should find a way to solve the curse of death. There are strange spots inside the mansion that they need to explore. In these spots, a “Kaii” is found which targets the marked person. Hence, they need to find a way to escape by choosing the best option. Players who make the wrong choices will result into a game over.

According to Gematsu, the protagonist of the game is a middle-aged man. But things become more challenging for him because he has lost his memory. He will choose a partner among those people who are marked as he visits the mansion. While inside, they will explore, investigate and split up.

Death Mark PS Vita Release Date

Development of Death Mark is currently 50% complete. It will release in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation Vita. The game can be purchased for 4,800 yen (US $41).

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