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Death Stranding Cast Mads Mikkelsen Is NOT Villain – New Plot Details Revealed

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding Cast Mads Mikkelsen Is NOT Villain – New Plot Details Revealed

Mads Mikkelsen surprised fans after his most recent Death Stranding reveal. It appears his character role will not be what players initially thought. There has been buzz that he would be the antagonist but, in fact, Mikkelsen revealed he won’t be the game’s villain.

Fans know Mikkelsen from previous movie and television roles in Hannibal and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, he is about to make his arrival into the video game industry with Death Stranding. This is courtesy of game creator Hideo Kojima, who is previously known for his Metal Gear series with Konami.

Mikkelsen joins Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and director Guillermo Del Toro as some of the characters in Death Stranding. This might be the reason why Mikkelsen’s revelation is a surprise to fans. If he is not a villain, then who is he?

Death Stranding: Mads Mikkelsen’s Role

The actor dropped the bombshell during a panel interview at Saudi Arabia Comic-Con 2017. The video below is from YouTuber DoubleGs, which documented both Mikkelsen’s statement and the crowd’s response. The Danish actor confirmed that his character is not “a villain.”

The question on Mikkelsen’s character came from a fan, who told him he “thinks” the Hannibal protagonist would play a villain. Mikkelsen explained that his character does not necessarily fit within the definition of a “standard” antagonist. Players and fans may see his character in different ways, but his role is not what people speculate.

Regardless, Mikkelsen acknowledged the fan’s curiosity. He even added that video games are a “fantastic” medium for storytelling. According to Game Rant, the interview could very well reference the first trailer where his character appears. Viewers may misconstrue his role as a villain given his mysterious appearance and projected malice.

The Plot Thickens

However, Mikkelsen’s revelation opens a lot of plot holes in the game. Interestingly, it may be important to take note that another interview at Saudi Comic-Con 2017 reveals that Mikkelsen is also confused about the game’s story. His insistence that his character is not “a villain” may be his own interpretation.

Fans may go to the game’s subreddit to view other theories on the title’s story. Regardless, the Rogue One actor’s role may be reinterpreted some other way. He might be an anti-hero of sorts, or even an occasional ally to Norman Reedus’s character. Sadly, this also means Reedus’s role may not be that of a protagonist either.

On top of all that, the game’s plot remains a mystery to everyone. Kojima has revealed that the title will have something to do with its name. This means the entry will have elements and themes related to “death” and “being stranded.” Its gameplay will be dynamic and separate from other action titles. It will also emphasize cooperation and will not be an open world. Aside from this, not much is known about the game as a whole.

Unfortunately, Hideo Kojima will be the only one who can give a definite answer to some of his fan’s biggest questions. Suffice to say, Kojima may reveal more news about the game’s development within the year. His game has been confirmed to be a PlayStation release, with no final release date.

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