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Death Stranding Cast News: How Kojima Feels Towards Mads Mikkelsen

Death Stranding
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS account


Death Stranding Cast News: How Kojima Feels Towards Mads Mikkelsen

Death Stranding is an open world action game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4. The game is directed by Hideo Kojima known for his works in Metal Gear. This is his company’s first independent game after their separation from Konami. The title of the game is inspired by the cetacean stranding phenomenon.

Cast and Crew of Death Stranding

The game will feature The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus and Doctor Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One’s Mads Mikkelsen. Guillermo del Toro, director of the Hellboy movies and horror films such as The Orphanage and Mama, will also appear in the game through motion capture.

Kojima’s Insights

Kojima still has not revealed that much detail about Death Stranding. He hid secrets in the first two released trailers of the game and fans still cannot decode them. But, Kojima has given his insights on the actors he picked for the game.

In an interview with Sugoi Japan, Kojima has said a few bits and pieces on the actors in the game. Kojima says that players will get to control Reedus as the main protagonist, but Kojima will be showing a different side of the actor, one that is not as depicted in his character Daryl in The Walking Dead. Players will get to see his emotional side “by having him in tears and hugging an infant…”

Death StrandingPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS account

He said that Reedus showed support for him when he got terminated from the Yu-Gi-Oh maker entertainment company. “[He] supported me during my previous situation, so when I went independent I went to ask him to appear in my first project. When I offered him a role in my next game, he replied: ‘Of course, that would be cool! Yes! I would be a fool not to take this!'” says Kojima.

Kojima also got an actor he loves in the form of Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen will most probably be playing the antagonist to Reedus’ character. “I’m absolutely in love with Mads, to the point where I watch one of his films every day,” Kojima mentioned. He also said that he noticed Mikkelsen even with his older films such as Casino Royale and Valhalla Rising.

Kojima has not said anything about the plot line of the game. But, Kojima and his team have already started developing the project. The release of the game could be sooner than 2020.

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