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Death Stranding Cast Norman Reedus & His Relationship With Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding Cast Norman Reedus & His Relationship With Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding is in the news for having Norman Reedus as part of the cast. Celebrated game designer Hideo Kojima has spoken about a special relationship between him and Reedus. Reedus is the lead actor here.

Kojima has talked about his Death Stranding lead actor in the most affectionate terms. Reedus is best known for his role in The Walking Dead series. The cast has several other known faces from the film fraternity.

Kojima has talked about his reasons for hiring Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus for Death Stranding. Kojima has already praised Reedus, talking of how he “showed concern and supported me during my previous situation”. He talked of going “independent” and offering Reedus a role.

Some Beautiful Insights 

According to Kojima, Reedus stated that he “would be a fool not to take this” role. Kojima also mentioned Mads Mikkelsen. He talked of hugely appreciating the Danish actor’s work and talent as per Game Transfers.

Kojima reportedly watches one of the actor’s films each and every day. He also spoke of being totally in love with Mikkelsen’s work. He states that “I’m absolutely in love with Mads”.

The cast looks to be really exciting. However, maestro Kojima’s new game featuring these heavyweights will still require fans to wait. Segment Next also confirms Kojima’s close relationship with Norman Reedus.

Kojima and Reedus have worked on Silent Hills in the past. They have also collaborated with Guillermo Del Toro previously. Yet, Kojima and Konami’s fall out led to the cancellation of Silent Hills.

The Fall-Out Between Kojima and Konami 

As a result, Reedus had to patiently wait out several years to work with Kojima again. Death Stranding got its unveiling at E3 2016. Kojima has often mentioned his special relationship with Reedus and he did so yet again.

Kojima has now formed Kojima Productions which is the force behind the project. Reedus supported Kojima who was ensnared by Konami until his contract expired. Konami even stated that the maestro had gone “on vacation”.

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