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Death Stranding Cast: Why Norman Reedus Was Kojima’s First Choice

Death Stranding
SDCC 2015 – Norman Reedus via Wikimedia Commons


Death Stranding Cast: Why Norman Reedus Was Kojima’s First Choice

Death Stranding is an upcoming game currently under development by Kojima Productions, the studio founded by Hideo Kojima. The highly-anticipated game has cast Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus in the lead role.

The newest game, Death Stranding, comes from Kojima, the legendary creator of the Metal Gear solid series. The gameplay comes hot on the heels of the cancelled Silent Hills game which Kojima was supposed to help alongside Reedus and Guillermo del Toro.

Norman Reedus Was Meant For The Death Stranding Role

Speaking about the casting of the 48-year-old actor, the gaming icon revealed that Reedus was a big inspiration in the conceptualization of the latest game. He revealed to US Playstation Blog, “When I went independent and I was thinking about my first game in my head, I did see Norman playing this character,” Kojima revealed.

“The visuals of this character were based on using Norman Reedus as the precedent,” he added. He adds that featuring Hollywood stars in games will likely be a rising trend. Citing his thoughts about how this would be a trend in the future, “Creating movies and creating games like this, the process is very similar.”

Alternatively, Kojima remained mum when asked if other Hollywood stars would join Reedus. So, as it stands, there is still a possibility other A-listers will join the cast.

Death Stranding Release Date & News

Over the past few weeks, Kojima has been very active via social media. Twitter is going crazy over the “bromance” between Mads Mikkelsen and Kojima. Mikkelsen was cast as the game’s main antagonist set to square up against Reedus.

Not much is known and so far, trailers have been quite cryptic. According to Digital Spy, Mikkelsen admitted during the Saudi Comic Con that he was quite confused when Kojima first explained the game to him.

“He was trying to tell me the full plot of the game, and it’s so elaborate that, I mean, I got lost but I really wanted to learn more.” Also, he added that it was “a big honour to be there.”

The game’s plot is a post-apocalyptic dystopian world and is classified as a stealth-action game. To learn more, check out the trailer below.

According to Hollywood Life, insiders reveal the game is unlikely to hit the shelves earlier than 2019. Upon release, the game will be exclusive for PS4 but will eventually follow on PC.

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