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Death Stranding Game News: Fans Will See A Different Norman Reedus

Death Stranding game


Death Stranding Game News: Fans Will See A Different Norman Reedus

The latest Death Stranding game will now have a major attraction for fans. The game will showcase a whole new side to Norman Reedus. This has got enthusiasts really pumped up about the release.

The Death Stranding game will be movies fused into video games. This is a hallmark of all games created by Hideo Kojima. Most of his games have this special cinematic effect.

The Death Stranding game will also end up blurring the thin lines between the two mediums. This is expected to be a major temptation for fans. Kojima has also been vocal about his love for Mads Mikkelsen.

Gaming Bolt reports that most of the ambitions professed by Kojima come to the fore in the upcoming game. This game will be graced by several famous movie and television stars. Norman Reedus is one of these stars to enter the game.

Reedus has already attained immense popularity through his portrayal of Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead series. However, the character he essays in this game will be very different indeed. This will represent a whole new side to the man that his fans have not seen yet.

What Kojima Has Confirmed 

Kojima has confirmed that he “wanted to show a different side of Norman” with the first trailer itself. This would be really unique in comparison to what “we’re used to seeing”. He will be shown “in tears and hugging an infant”.

These images are completely contrary to what Reedus has been depicted as till date. Kojima talked of how “most people” know Reedus as his The Walking Dead character. However, there is more to him than Daryl-like attributes as per Kojima.

What Kojima Also Revealed

Kojima also said that “Norman….is butt naked” this time around. He also talked of how “Mads Mikkelsen looks cool in the second trailer”. He also confirmed how he is “absolutely in love with Mads”.

Kojima has also stated that his adoration extends to an extreme point. He revealed that he watches “one of his films every day”. CronusMax has also confirmed that Norman Reedus will indeed be shown in a new avatar altogether.

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