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Death Stranding Gameplay & Release Date: What’s Next For Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding Gameplay & Release Date: What’s Next For Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding might be headed towards virtual reality (VR), and might also be Hideo Kojima’s final masterpiece, according to recent rumors starting to float around.

If there is so much hype for a highly anticipated game, expect lots of speculations and rumors to follow. Things are looking great for the development of the game itself so far, but it could also be a sign of something else for a well-known figure in the gaming industry like Hideo Kojima.

Death Stranding might be heading for VR

There are signs pointing to the game heading for VR. Hideo Kojima himself is known for being a big fan of the new platform, which is also evident in some of this games like Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima himself commended other game developers who are developing games meant for the platform.
Another sign is the preview for the game itself and how it shifts to first person view. Hideo Kojima’s interview that mentions the VR could also be found on the iTech Post website.

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Hideo Kojima heading for retirement?

If the rumors about the famed Metal Gear creator are indeed true, then the game would serve as his ‘Magnum Opus’. Based on his previous issue with Konami, which he had also worked in for a long time, Hideo Kojima appears to be getting fed up with the way things are run in the gaming industry right now.

While it wasn’t confirmed yet and Hideo himself has no official statement, it appears he is starting to have an issue with Sony this time. Rumor has it that he wishes to break free from the grip of Sony.

While everything might just be rumors and speculations, one cannot deny the fact of the rampant corporatism, corruption, and agenda-shoving that pervades the current game industry. According to some, most game companies are after just profits, even if the quality and content of the game is sacrificed. If the rumors are indeed true, it’s not surprising at all that Hideo Kojima is indeed fed up.

However, this breaking up with Sony afterwards doesn’t automatically translate to retirement, as there are still a lot of other options, like Kickstarter.

The aforementioned rumors are posted in the Game N Guide website. The game is expected to be released around 2018.

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