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Death Stranding Gameplay To Allow Multiplayer Co-Op Against Enemy

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding Gameplay To Allow Multiplayer Co-Op Against Enemy

Kojima Productions Founder Hideo Kojima teased fans with an update to Death Stranding, revealing that it would have a multiplayer feature. Kojima revealed the upcoming game during the last E3 which signified his return in the gaming industry. Sony Interactive Entertainment plans on releasing Kojima’s newly announced game sometime prior to 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It will be Kojima’s first game after he left Konami Productions and the first one outside the Metal Gear franchise.

Kojima revealed that the multiplayer feature would have something that would make it different from normal co-op games. However, he did not reveal what that something else would be, though players can expect a “catch” out of it. He mentioned that the game would fall under the action genre featuring an open-world approach that would grant players more freedom. He became really careful about sharing any more information about the gameplay, though he hopes to bring something never-before-seen.

Kojima previously explained that the concept of open-world would be different in the upcoming game. He clarified that his title would have an intuitive open-world which he did not elaborate on further.

Death Stranding Multiplayer Feature to Have a “Catch”

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Kojima shared how the single and multiplayer features for his next game would basically work. Players can choose to go alone and fight against enemies in a single player environment. They can also take the game online where they can play against other players in a competitive setting.

Kojima joked that the game would typically involve a gun when taking down opponents but he and his team plan on adding something else. He wants to go a little deeper so that players would not have to always rely on their firearms.

Aside from the aforementioned “catch” regarding the multiplayer feature, the game’s online play would differ from that of the traditional ones. Kojima revealed that the title would have a standalone offline mode where players can play in a non-competitive environment. He added that the game would not have the similar structure of other online games released in the past.

Death Stranding to Adopt Guerilla Games Engine

Aside from the genre and the single-player/multiplayer feature, Kojima mentioned the engine that would power his next game. He revealed that the upcoming game would have the engine developed by Guerilla Games since they have better technology than others.

Kojima added that the Guerilla Games engine has purpose to render artistic sceneries and gameplay for its upcoming title. Fans know Guerilla Games as the primary renderers for the upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn. Its collaboration with Kojima Productions would surely bring its games to further heights.

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