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Death Stranding Release: Who Emma Stone Might Be In The Game

Death Stranding Release
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Death Stranding Release: Who Emma Stone Might Be In The Game

The Death Stranding release has been teased with trailers and speculations on what the game might bring. Just recently, rumors of actress Emma Stone joining the Death Stranding cast have been circulating once more, after a supposedly leaked image from the game suggested that the La La Land star would indeed be making an appearance in the game’s universe.

These rumors had only been further fueled by the game’s director, Hideo Kojima himself. Kojima recently posted a tweet that showed vinyls of both Stone’s musical, La La Land, and that of his upcoming game, Death Stranding. This whisper of a suggestion had only further driven fans to look into Stone’s involvement with Kojima and his new title.

Now, should the prospect of Stone joining the Death Stranding cast become a reality, one question in particular could remain in the air: Who will she be in the game?

Death Stranding Release: Who Is Emma Stone In The Story?

Based on the alleged leaked image that showed Stone in the game, it looks as if the actress’ character could be of similar nature to that of another Death Stranding cast member: Mads Mikkelsen. This is because the image in question depicted what appeared to be Stone dressed in military garb and sporting black tear tracks cascading down her face. Such attributes are similar to what was seen of Mikkelsen’s character in the Death Stranding trailer.

With this into account, one possibility to consider is that Stone might be an ally of a sort to Mikkelsen’s character. That said, it could be that Stone’s role in the game could be dependent on what Kojima has in store for Mikkelsen.

Previously, Mikkelsen revealed that his Death Stranding character was not an antagonist after all. According to the actor, his role doesn’t fit into the shoes of a typical antagonist archetype. However, just because his character might not be a “standard” villain does not necessarily mean he might not play the bad guy in other aspects of the story.

Is Emma Stone Really In Death Stranding?

Considering nothing has been officially confirmed–despite all of Kojima’s teasing on social media–such talks of Stone’s involvement in the game should be treated as speculation and taken with a grain of salt. Moreover, other fans have speculated that the image showing Stone in the game was doctored, claiming that such a leak was fake.

Only time will tell as to what else Kojima Productions might reveal prior to the Death Stranding release. Do you think Emma Stone will be joining the cast? Let us know in the comments below!

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