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Death Stranding News: Hideo Kojima & Mads Mikkelsen Strengthen Bond

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding News: Hideo Kojima & Mads Mikkelsen Strengthen Bond

In recent Death Stranding news, Hideo Kojima and Mads Mikkelsen are showing everyone just how close they are. This is in line with the ongoing development of the game ever since Mikkelsen has been reported to be on board.

Hideo Kojima, game designer for Death Stranding, took Mikkelsen around while he visited Kojima Productions. This is usual for game actors since they need to be shown around for work and for them to be introduced to the rest. But this visit seemed like two friends getting together that fans were eager to know more about what went on

Death Stranding: Mikkelsen’s Visit

Photos were posted on Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account on where he took Mikkelsen while he was with him. The photos showed Mikkelsen signing on the walls in Kojima Productions and the two sharing a drink and a meal. Mikkelsen was even wearing the traditional dining wear.

Mikkelsen was also photographed with Metal Gear Rex designer Yoji Shinkawa who did a drawing for the actor. The artwork looked amazing as expected from him.

Kojima has been teasing fans of Mikkelsen’s visit since he tweeted a photo of them together back in January 17. It looks like the two had a really great time bonding during this trip.

More Stars Involved

Mads Mikkelsen isn’t the only star aboard the game. The announcement came during the 2016 E3 convention that Norman Reedus would be in it too. The Walking Dead actor would be the main character while Mads Mikkelsen is the antagonist.

Another one is Guillermo del Toro’s involvement. This open-world action game is keeping fans of Kojima’s work on their toes and we might get to see it before 2019.

No other updates were mentioned on Death Stranding. But the game is currently in production for Playstation 4.

Are you excited? Check out the trailer released back in December below.

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