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Death Stranding News: Why Game Won’t Have Multiple Endings

Death Stranding
Screen grab from Kojima Productions Youtube Channel


Death Stranding News: Why Game Won’t Have Multiple Endings

Hideo Kojima has been sharing the process of creating the narrative of Death Stranding. Take a look at the details here.

Concrete Storyline

Kojima shared that there will be no multiple endings for Death Stranding. He is hoping that his latest game will be concrete on its own, without having to create a branched conclusion.

The director added, “There’s the multi-ending story technique and that’s a technique I’m not very interested in.” He hopes to create games where the destiny is already set. He wants the future players of Death Stranding to exercise their will and wisdom to push the story forward. Furthermore, he wants players to build bridges, and connect with each other through storytelling. These are just some of the ideas the director has in mind while making the game.

Having a solid story in development packed with one beginning and ending can elevate the experience. Kojima’s goal to really focus on storytelling can be a plus in the long run.

Kojima On Humor Elements In The Game

In other news, Kojima shared that he feels humor is an important aspect of video games. The good thing is there will be plenty of humor in his upcoming title. This news came as a surprise because the trailer is packed with a lot of dark undertones. He added in an interview with Glixel that playing can put a lot of stress on the gamer. Humor is important to make sure that they continuously enjoy playing. However, the director stressed that there will be a balanced level of humor in the game

A lot of people are worried that, given Kojima’s propensity for long development cycles, the game will take a long time before being releases. Some think that by the time it is ready, it may be time to move on from the PS4 to the PS5.

However, according to DualShockers, the game is definitely planned to be available soon. In fact, Kojima says that the release date for the game has already been decided. Even targeted release dates can be missed, but at least the intent right now is to get the game out reasonably soon. Furthermore, it will strictly be a PlayStation 4 title.

Excited to play the game? Comment below! The game is currently in development for the PS4. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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