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Death Stranding News: Why Hideo Kojima Is Done With Horror Games

Death Stranding


Death Stranding News: Why Hideo Kojima Is Done With Horror Games

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima is finished with horror games. He has expressed his desire to refrain from creating horror games any longer.

Metal Gear creator Kojima earlier collaborated with Guillermo del Toro for Silent Hills, which subsequently got cancelled. Kojima had considered the title to be rather frightening, to say the least.

Death Stranding, his present project, is not a horror game. However, Kojima is still not amenable to making another horror game in the future since he gets “scared very easily.”

He talks of how the same thing is true for “Alfred Hitchcock as well as Steven Spielberg.” The Death Stranding creator feels that these directors always frightened people easily. He revels in doing the same thing according to GameSpot.

How Kojima Understands Fear Psychosis 

Yet, ironically, this very attribute can be related to their own fears according to Kojima. It then becomes easy for him to make something really frightening. This is because he already knows the underlying fear better than anyone else.

Kojima also talks of how there is a continual imagining of frightening situations and events during the creative process. It also gives him loads of bad dreams. As a result, he wishes to steer clear of making horror games in the near future.

Silent Hills certainly proved Kojima’s abilities in terms of frightening people. He earlier joked that a new version of the game would release with a whole new set of trousers. This was because the terrifying game would “make you sh** your pants.”

Kojima also feels that people are truly scared by something which is “out of the ordinary.” He talks of how there has to be a really unusual element. This usually gets people on the scent for something horrific.

When something like this is created, it serves to confuse the minds of players or the audience. It then becomes a little frightening for people who witness the actual macabre event. Kojima talks of how unknown elements can be really thrilling and super scary.

An Example Given by Kojima 

IGN also reports Kojima citing the example of the Alien as a scary element. This design is the brainchild of H.R. Giger and is unseen for most parts of the original movie. There are little pieces and shapes seen, though the entire thing is unknown to a large extent.

At the very end, people realize that the shape is almost like a human being. It seems to be wearing an outfit which does not seem really frightening. However, the unknown element remains scary until the time the Alien is fully witnessed.

Kojima confirms that his new game is coming to PlayStation 4. He also squashes talk of it launching for PS5. There are strong possibilities of a sequel to the game according to him.

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