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Death Stranding Release Date Already Set By Kojima

Death Stranding Release Date
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN account


Death Stranding Release Date Already Set By Kojima

Hideo Kojima is the creator and director of Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding game. Kojima has already set a Death Stranding release date for the new open-world action video game. However, he has not given an exact date yet. He and his team will release the game for the PS4.

Death Stranding

Kojima surprised aspiring players with Death Stranding during Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 conference. He has released a trailer for the game which raised a lot of questions and mysteries. But, Kojima held the excitement by not giving away the exact Death Stranding release date.

Release Date

Kojima has now shared information on the present development of the game. He did this during the Game Creators panel RTX Sydney 2017 event as discussed in Game Rant. He confirmed that he has already set a Death Stranding release date.

Kojima said that he is quite adept at keeping up with deadlines and delays because these are not the main issues for him. It is more of his concern to develop his games with the best design they could possibly get. He revealed that he works towards a deadline set by himself rather than a completion date imposed by a publisher or a developing company. This is in contrast to the perfectionist image that people may have already established and may have seen as a common and stereotypical Kojima attitude.

Death Stranding Release DatePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Mads Mikkelsen is a part of a mysterious army in Death Stranding.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS account

Kojima also reconfirmed that the game, starring Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, will be an open-world game. He also said that that it will not support Virtual Reality. But he did not close his mind to the possibility of incorporating such a feature after the game’s launch, which could be accomplished through updates.

Stage of Development

Furthermore, Kojima said that the development of Death Stranding is underway and that his team has been playing with the Horizon Zero Dawn graphics engine. This means that this will be perfect for the game’s realistic graphics. They are also working with Guerilla Games in producing said graphics engine for more life-like animation.

Kojima and Kojima Productions had shown the gameplay that players who avail the game may experience in the near future. In the trailers released by the Metal Gear producer and his team, the animation was beautifully and ambitiously rendered. The mystery and emotions of the trailer were also properly portrayed, thus inducing intrigue towards the viewers. The game is indeed special.

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