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Death Stranding Release Date Definitely Coming To PS4

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Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Kojima Productions


Death Stranding Release Date Definitely Coming To PS4

Death Stranding continues to be the most talked about game – only because of the lack of details it has. The mystery surrounding Hideo Kojima’s upcoming title is keeping fans interested as to whether or not we’ll be seeing it soon.

Recently at RTX Sydney, Hideo Kojima was asked about Death Stranding becoming available on the PlayStation 4 or 5. This is something fans were interested in seeing as there are already news about the Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Pro. However, Kojima said that the game will still be available on the PS4.

As for the release date, Video Games Republic previously reported that Kojima has claimed he has a date in mind but has yet to reveal any specifications. Rumors have it that we might get to see Death Stranding by 2018.

Furthermore, Kojima said that he is “pleased” with the amount of attention and feedback the game has garnered. He also said that there are clues in his trailers that fans may be able to piece things together soon.

Kojima And Sony

Hideo Kojima said that he has “many offers” for a partnership aside from Sony. A lot of companies from the gaming industry have offered him “a lot of money” to form a partnership. He even cited someone from the United Arab Emirates who was interested in such a deal.

But in the end, Kojima partnered with Sony, saying that he is more familiar with the company. Aside from that, Sony has apparently given Kojima 100% creative freedom. Kojima expressed that working with Sony, who is known as a big company, gives him a better chance of success in promoting his game.

Not A VR Game

According to Kojima, his new game won’t have any virtual reality elements and thus, it is not a VR title. In addition, there are no plans for a sequel, but he may consider one if the demand for it is high.

As to how the game is coming along, Kojima added that players will have a “large degree of freedom” when they play it. The game will feature something new or different once players will experience it.

Kojima also said that they are working on game logic and testing it out on various systems. The game is still in development but fans will be able to see more updates of it soon.

Are you among the many who is excited for Kojima Productions’ new game? Check out their trailers below to keep the excitement going.

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