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Death Stranding Release Date & News: Kojima Pressured By Industry

Death Stranding


Death Stranding Release Date & News: Kojima Pressured By Industry

It seems even industry icons like Hideo Kojima have things to worry about. An interview about Death Stranding revealed some details about the icon’s past. This can help fans not only anticipate the game’s arrival, but get to know the man behind it.

Death Stranding will be Kojima’s first official game under Kojima Productions. This is the gaming company he created after he left Konami following the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The latter was the final Kojima-related entry in the franchise.

This was sad news for Metal Gear fans as Kojima was the creator of the franchise’s story. Regardless, Death Stranding was teased throughout last year as a game that may hopefully show the evolution of gaming. However, it seems even Kojima is prone to being pressured.

Death Stranding: Kojima Comments on Pressure

Kojima shared this information with IGN in an interview. He said an action-adventure game is the same as a large-budget Hollywood action movie. These films have budgets that reach more than $150 million, which means failure is not an option.

He added this is the reason why directors receive a lot of pressure from the outside. However, the primary difference between films and games is that the latter has a division of labor. In his case, he tries to inject his own philosophy into his games. This means he does much of the game design, production, promotion and the writing.

Kojima said this is akin to being an indie developer, and commented that their games are interesting. He praised the games, saying that players get a “very direct sense of who the creator is.” Unlike other big-budget games, indie games allow developers to show themselves.

Unfortunately, not much was revealed about the release date of the much-awaited Kojima Productions title. Given that the game is still in its early stages, fans can expect the game to arrive in a few years’ time. However, according to GameSpot, aside from a 2018 release rumor, it will be a PlayStation 4 title.

Philosophy, Inspirations

Kojima also finally explained why his name was featured so prominently throughout his games. The Phantom Pain had Kojima’s name on the box, and was credited for almost every mission. He added this was because of influences film had on his growth.

According to GameSpot, Kojima said watching movies by Alfred Hitchcock and John Carpenter had him notice that their names are always at the beginning of the movies. By the time Kojima created games, the industry was devoid of such a credit system. This was why he came up with the idea, because this was akin to a “movie that [Kojima] wanted to see.”

This continued until his eventual conflicts with Konami, which prompted him to leave last 2015. The splitting led to the creation of Kojima Productions as an independent company, with Sony partnering for its first game. Sadly, the split with Konami also had Kojima leave Metal Gear and the now-cancelled Silent Hills project. Fans curious about his upcoming title can listen to Kojima in a panel below:

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