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Death Stranding Release Date & News: Why Game Could Be Set In WW II

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding Release Date & News: Why Game Could Be Set In WW II

There are still a lot of details left out for fans to better understand Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima’s newest game, which is still under development, has impressed gamers with his trailer. But to this day, not much has been revealed for fans to fully understand it.

The details for Death Stranding have been so scarce that a Reddit post has been making waves as the user Hikometi tried to analyze the game. The speculations for the timeline and location for the game look feasible, so much that fans think this is the closest they can get to a setting until Kojima releases more details.

Based on the trailers, Death Stranding seems like a post apocalyptic world. It’s the debut project from Kojima Productions. The studio is founded by Hideo Kojima, who is known for his creation of Metal Gear Solid.

For now, Hideo Kojima assured fans that the game will go beyond the traditional RPG and action games. According to him, it’s the next step and the future in gaming.

Timeline and Location

According to the Reddit post and the user’s blog, the game’s location could be in Saint Malo, France. This was based on the setting seen in the trailer. Hikometi cited the designs of the electrical poles and the architecture as references.

As for the timeline, Hikometi suggested that this could be during World War II. It could be an alternate universe for World War II since the trailer revealed that the world looked technologically more advanced. However, the planes and weapons showed in the second trailer resembled that of the World War II era.

These are still speculations. But with all the comparisons Hikometi showed, it did manage to convince some that is where DS’s timeline belongs to.

Stars Involved

Big names in television and film were revealed in DS. Norman Reedus, who is known for his role as Daryl from The Walking Dead, is the main character as confirmed by the first trailer. Star Wars: Rogue One and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen also stars as the antagonist.

Mads Mikkelsen was recently at Kojima Productions on a visit and was possibly working with Hideo Kojima on the game. Kojima posted pictures on his Twitter account showing Mikkelsen enjoying Japan and his studios.

Film Director Guillermo del Toro is also on board DS. However, del Toro will only be a character rather than contributing creative input.

DS is still under development and is planned to be released in PS4. Its release date is still unconfirmed but it could be around 2019.

To check out Hikometi’s speculations, check out this blog here.

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