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YouTuber Fools Fans In Death Stranding Emma Stone ‘Leak’ – Here’s The Truth

Death Stranding Emma Stone
Screen grab from Glam&Gore YouTube Channel


YouTuber Fools Fans In Death Stranding Emma Stone ‘Leak’ – Here’s The Truth

The mystery surrounding the recent Death Stranding Emma Stone leak has now been resolved. Despite rumors of the La La Land actress becoming an addition to the Death Stranding cast, it looks like such talks have been debunked. As it turns out, the image of what seemed to be Stone in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game was actually a photo of someone else entirely.

That someone is Glam&Gore, a makeup guru on YouTube. Glam&Gore, who goes by the name Mykie, recently released a makeup tutorial for a look based on Mads Mikkelsen’s character in Death Stranding. In line with this, Mykie and her team also shot some images of the look, with one picture fooling many into believing that it was Stone in the photo. Thus spiraled even more rumors of the actress being in Death Stranding gameplay.

Death Stranding Emma Stone Leak: What Happened

To recount, a recent image of what appeared to be Stone in Death Stranding began circulating the Internet. The image in question showed the presumed Stone sporting military garb and black streaks all over her face, similar to that of Mikkelsen’s character as shown in the Death Stranding trailer.

Seeing as there had already been rumors of Stone’s participation in Kojima’s new video game, fans had eagerly taken the bait and were sent into a frenzy. This had only further been fueled by Kojima himself, who, at the time the ‘leak’ had been dropped, posted photos on Twitter that showed vinyls of Death Stranding and Stone’s award-winning film, La La Land.

However, despite such teases seemingly pointing towards clues that hinted at Stone joining the Death Stranding characters roster, there had been no confirmation from Kojima Productions nor Stone’s camp. Now, the full image of the alleged leak has been revealed in the form of a makeup tutorial by the one and only Glam&Gore.

Who Is Glam&Gore?

Death Stranding Emma StoneIna Inonog | Video Games Republic

Glam&Gore addresses the supposed Emma Stone ‘leak.’ | Screen grab from Glam&Gore YouTube Channel

Mykie’s channel, Glam&Gore, is known on YouTube for makeup looks ranging from creative beauty imagery to macabre prosthetics. Hence, her self-explanatory channel name. Boasting nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.3 followers on Instagram, the Glam&Gore brand has established itself not just in the beauty community, but in other circles as well.

This wouldn’t be the first time Glam&Gore made waves in the media. Previously, she posted an image of herself as Harley Quinn from 2016’s Suicide Squad, and many outlets had believed the photo to be a legitimate teaser for the movie.

Wanna know how I got these tattoos?? ⠀ Chase and I made this fun fan art surrounding all the new picture releases of Suicide Squad characters, including Harley Quinn and the joker! Chase did an amazing job editing it to make it fit into the world of the original shot of Jared Leto’s Joker (pictured left). AND a tutorial on Harley Quinn’s makeup is on YouTube NOW! ▶️ I talk about the process of this picture in the video as well ☺️ The link is in my bio! ⠀ ⠀ *Please no one get uppity about credit in the “leaked” photo posts- we’re happy it could stir up some conversation for a day! 🙂 * Special thanks to our friend @ambiguous_k for posing as our joker in the shoot and @nero_sct for letting us borrow his tattoo gun!

A post shared by mykie (@mykie_) on

Clearly, Glam&Gore’s work is quite impressive, if her recent makeup tutorial and its effect on the Death Stranding Emma Stone rumors is any indication. See the incredible video of the makeup look below:

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