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Death Stranding Will Be An Open World Game – Here’s How

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding Will Be An Open World Game – Here’s How

Industry icon Hideo Kojima has once again teased a few more details about his upcoming title in the industry. Death Stranding will be an open world game. However, as expected of Kojima and his narrative genius, it seems “open” is a very relative term.

Fans eager to play Death Stranding understand that the game has very little details for them to work on. In fact, the game does not have a lot to go on as it is. This led to players speculating what the title will be about.

Death Stranding will be Kojima’s first title since his departure from Konami. This will also be his first game outside the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear franchise, which explains the excitement and nervousness players have.

Death Stranding to Feature ‘Open World’

However, Kojima is more than ready to appease fans. The game’s creator and director has now unveiled more features about the game. This includes not only the aforementioned open world, but about online features as well.

Kojima’s clarification came courtesy of an interview with PlayStation blog. He elaborated that not only will his game be an open world title, it will be an “intuitive” open world. Of course, as to what that connotation represents is a mystery.

The director expects fans to see the game as an action title. However, its open world elements will allow them to easily acclimate themselves to the game. Interestingly, he added that the game will have some degree of “depth.” This implies there is a hidden challenge for other intense gamers.

Game Rant said the game may take inspiration from Kojima’s last work, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It can be remembered that the Metal Gear title is an open world game as well. Players can freely take on the main quest or build an arsenal first. This unique dynamic allowed players to explore both the game’s lore and the story.

Multiplayer related to “Strand”

Similarly, Kojima said the game will “have a lot of freedom” and choices for players. This implies the game will try its best to cater to various playstyles. This can be done through versatility and dynamics, although these have not been emphasized.

Kojima, now in his 31st year in the industry, said he also wanted to make innovations to the gaming world. He said he will try to have this new title reform some action mechanics, which players simply associate with “getting guns” and defeating opponents. In fact, he said the game will have some degree of multiplayer.

Sadly, he did not specify just how the online play aspect will affect the core game. He did emphasize that the mode will focus on cooperation and teamwork. Interestingly, he said the online play option is connected to the “strand” in the game’s name.

He did elaborate that the game will not have a “separate” online mode, at least in the strictest sense. Some games have a separate Campaign Mode and a separate Online Mode. Kojima said that his title will not have such a thing, implying a “seamless” transition structure. He also clarified that players do not need to play online if they do not want to.

It is fairly reasonable to understand that Kojima is not just ready to reveal his full hand yet. After all, the game is still in its early stages of development. It is currently in development for the PlayStation 4, but there are no release dates yet.

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