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Destiny 2 News: Title Hinted – What To Expect From Story & More

Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 News: Title Hinted – What To Expect From Story & More

Hope is brewing in the Crucible as players are uncovering more news about Destiny 2. If rumors are true, then the game may have a title. This is good news for fans of the highly-acclaimed massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG).

Destiny has been quite the talk of the town since its release last 2014. Its unique space exploration concept has led fans to be excited for a sequel, Destiny 2. This is for good reason, as it had been teased for a while, though a title was never revealed. Fans only know that the game has a 2017 launch window, but not much has been emphasized.

However, it seems this time the dreams of fans have finally come true. Destiny 2 appears to be officially “branded” with a title. That is, of course, if the rumors are true. Just what is the game about?

Destiny 2Forge of Hope

The new rumors came courtesy of an anonymous source. A Redditor has revealed quite a lot of information about the game, which apparently came from an insider. Of course, given the anonymous nature of the report, its legitimacy is questionable.

A Reddit thread reveals that the game will be subtitled Forge of Hope and will be released sometime between November 4 and November 18. It seems the game will be made available for current-generation consoles, and the PC as well. The thread says it will also have a port for the much-awaited Project Scorpio and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Apparently, the franchise will still uphold its “exclusivity” agreement with PlayStation. However, it will only be for three months instead of one whole year.

The game will come in three versions. First is the base game, and two special editions. The first special edition will feature special cosmetic items, while the second will feature a scale model of the Relic of Necessity. It was hinted that all versions of the game will have pre-order bonuses.

Bungie Confirmation?

According to Game Rant, the post also said Bungie has made an engine “from the ground up.” This can apparently help them implement changes in the game faster. The developers are even coming up with themed events once every few months, akin to how Overwatch frequently provides new content.

The leaker even said the first major expansion of the game is already being developed. It will focus on the alien species Vex, especially the origins of popular characters Kabr and Praedyth. Interestingly, the game’s plot supposedly confirms speculations about the story. The leaker confirms the game will take place after The Taken King.

Sadly, much to the excitement of players, Bungie’s marketing director and writer Eric Osborne immediately shut down the rumors. A tweet saying “Forge of Nope” apparently disqualifies the entire leakage. Regardless, it may be interesting to see just what is in store for the game once it launches.

Even if the rumors are not true, suffice to say, the fake leakage opened ideas to just what players may want to expect from the game. Regardless, fans looking for nostalgia can look at the announcement of the original Destiny game below. Hopefully, its sequel can get the same treatment by the time the year’s gaming conferences commence.

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