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Destiny 2 PC Pre-Order Bonus Leaks Online, Includes Cayde-6 Figurine

Destiny 2 Pre-Order Bonus
Image from @Grithorne Twitter Account.

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Destiny 2 PC Pre-Order Bonus Leaks Online, Includes Cayde-6 Figurine

After several leaks have surfaced online in the previous months, Bungie has officially announced Destiny 2. Bungie made the announcement through their official Twitter account. However, there is a new leak that showed what could be a Destiny 2 pre-order bonus.

Beside the Destiny 2 image posted by Bungie, nothing else is known about the upcoming title. However, the Destiny 2 pre-order bonus did contain an image of a Cayde-6 Figure that is already being sold on Ebay.

The Cayde-6 Figure was sold for US$19.99 and two people have already bought them. A discussion started over at Reddit where more pictures of the Cayde-6 Figure were posted. According to the thread, the item could also be a limited edition item and not just a Destiny 2 pre-order bonus.

Despite assumptions that it’s a limited edition item, more pieces of evidence suggests it is more of a a Destiny 2 pre-order bonus. A previous leak on Twitter included an image of a receipt that contained a pre-order for the limited PC edition of the game. The leak showed that the limited PC edition of the upcoming sequel comes in at €110 or US$119.

According to the original poster, SenSnowy, the receipt came from GameStop Germany and it included a release date of Sept. 17, 2017. However, GameStop employees have confirmed that the indicated date is just a placeholder.

Previous Leaks

Prior to the official announcement of the sequel, fans also speculated that the game might launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Considering Bungie and Sony’s partnership, however; it’s likely there will only be exclusive items for PS4 players, like in the original game. Meanwhile, others believe it will still launch on other platforms, including PC.

One of the leaks that surface this week include a poster of the upcoming sequel to Destiny. NeoGAF first posted the leaked poster that was later confirmed by Jason Schreier from Kotaku. This leak prepared fans about the announcement of the game.

Meanwhile, according to Game Rant, High Moon Studios, a studio helping Bungie with the development of Destiny, has recently posted a job listing. Fans presumed that the job listing was meant for the the sequel. One of the requirements indicated that  prospective employees should be prepared to work on PS4 and Xbox One. Fans came to the conclusion that Bungie might not release Destiny 2 for the PC or that it might come out after the console versions.

Developers did not say anything regarding this matter, but it could also mean that High Moon Studios are solely focusing on the console versions while Bungie would take care of the PC version. They have not yet posted an initial release date, but rumors suggest that the sequel will come out this 2017.

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