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[Watch] Nathan Fillion In Destiny 2 Teaser, Release Date Before Game’s Official Trailer

Destiny 2 Trailer
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[Watch] Nathan Fillion In Destiny 2 Teaser, Release Date Before Game’s Official Trailer

Destiny 2 teaser, release date, and other news headlines regarding the upcoming sequel have been circulating the grapevine as of late due to an alleged leaked image showing what could be the Destiny 2 release date. Consequently, Bungie, the game’s developer, has released what appears to be a teaser for the game’s official trailer, which is set for its own release on Thursday, 10AM ET.

Destiny 2 Teaser, Release Date… And Nathan Fillion

The teaser in question features actor Nathan Fillion–or rather, his voice as his character, Cayde-6, from the first Destiny game. Cayde-6 is a Hunter Vanguard who sells various Hunter armor and emblems. The recently released teaser delights fans with Cayde-6 enjoying a drink at what appears to be a bar. There, the character recounts a tale that shows himself in the middle of a fight after a sudden explosion, in an “ugly contest where everyone was a winner.”

At the end of his anecdote, the bar in which Cayde-6 was shown to be enjoying his drink is revealed to be in shambles, caught in the middle of war. Fillion’s character thus wraps up his story and leaves, returning to the warzone.

Despite the rather destructive theme of the teaser, the overall video is actually rather lighthearted. Fillion’s charm adds to the humor of Cayde-6, making his storytelling all the more entertaining and amusing. It’s a new but not necessarily unwelcome voice to the video game, considering it’s a bit of a far cry from the first Destiny’s more solemn mood.

This teaser focusing on Fillion’s character leaves some fans hopeful for more of Cayde-6 upon the Destiny 2 release. This is especially so since the character became all the more distinguished thanks to the launch of the Taken King expansion.

Worldwide Reveal Trailer Release

Fillion’s “Last Call” teaser has left fans hyped with the game’s official trailer. Seeing as the game’s sequel had only been recently confirmed, the Worldwide Reveal Trailer will surely provide more insight on what fans can expect from the game.

Other Destiny 2 teaser, release date, and game updates reveal that there is a possibility for the upcoming title’s content being available across other platforms. This is a break away from the original game which had been console-exclusive features. Such has yet to be confirmed though, so keep your fingers crossed!

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