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[Watch] Destiny 2 Breakdown: Factions, New Enemies & More

Destiny 2 Breakdown
Screen grab from destinygame YouTube Channel


[Watch] Destiny 2 Breakdown: Factions, New Enemies & More

Following the recent confirmation of a Destiny sequel, a new trailer has just released, giving a Destiny 2 breakdown of what fans can expect upon the game’s launch. Besides touching on story elements being teased, it also reveals more on new characters and starts things off with a bang–by destroying all the gear and items your character salvaged from the first game.

Destiny 2 Breakdown: Returning Characters

The trailer revealed some Destiny 2 characters. Aside from the already known Cayde-6, the commander of the Red Legion has also been introduced and goes by the name of Ghaul. Ikora Rey also makes a comeback, as evidenced by her arrival in the newly released trailer. Factions still seem to be a feature to be highlighted in the game as deduced by the appearance of a Guardian Hunter accompanied by a child sporting colors of the New Monarchy.

Titans also show up in the Destiny 2 trailer, as seen by the appearance of Commander Zavala, the Vanguard leader of the Titans. Alongside him comes another Titan, Lord Shaxx, who is associated with Destiny’s PvP (Player vs Player) mode.

It has also been suggested that the Awoken of the Reef will be showing up in the Destiny 2 story as signified by a Guardian wearing the Queen’s insignia. This is despite a lack of appearance from the Queen herself, Maria Sov.

Cabal, the primary antagonists in Destiny, manifest this time around with giant shields that have been said to be wielded by Phalanxes. These shields may be a threat to be reckoned with, so players should approach them with caution in Destiny 2 gameplay once the title is released.

A new enemy type has been revealed in the form of a giant boasting dual energy cleavers. How this will play out in the story and gameplay is yet to be revealed.

Next Destiny 2 Reveal

As to when future trailers will roll out is still up in the air. However, fans can anticipate a gameplay livestream event for a more thorough Destiny 2 breakdown on May 18.

Watch the Destiny 2 trailer below:

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