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Destiny Age of Triumph Update: Everything About The Treasure of Ages

Destiny Age of Triumph


Destiny Age of Triumph Update: Everything About The Treasure of Ages

Destiny 2 is officially having a 2017 release. However, Bungie decides to honor fans of Destiny with Destiny Age of Triumph. Its new features all center around the theme of “reviving” the title’s most popular features.

Destiny Age of Triumph serves as the game’s final live event. The update has an immense slate of features that serve as the “end-game” for Destiny. This will hopefully help players say goodbye to the title before moving on to Destiny 2.

However, Bungie appears to want to ensure gamers that Destiny will go out with the proverbial “bang.” Destiny Age of Triumph has a lot of loot boxes and a new questline that can entertain players with one last piece of the title’s lore. This means the update will more or less help transition the two games’ story as well.

Destiny Age of Triumph: New Rewards

The news came courtesy of Tim Williams, senior designer from Bungie. He told viewers of a recent livestream that players can find special loot boxes called Treasure of Ages. IGN reports that these boxes contain rewards from previous events that gamers may have missed. These include Ghosts, Sparrow racing emblems, armor and emotes.

However, players can also get their hands on new items. These include new armor sets, ships, ornaments and shaders. Bungie will reveal new armor sets for every class next week as well. Loot boxes will contain two “guaranteed” items from previous events and one new item. Gamers can also exchange their Silver Dust for Treasure of Ages.

Players can also revisit all of the game’s raids beginning Tuesday, March 28. There are also “rituals” that will help characters achieve higher Light levels. This will allow them to quickly power up and experience Destiny‘s deadliest dungeons.

The new option will help players fill the in-game Record Book. This lists down all the achievements gamers get while spending time inside Destiny. Completing the Book will get them rewards such as emblems.

New Updates, Features

Age of Triumph will also feature a 12-step questline that elaborates on one final piece of Destiny plot. Unfortunately, the official story was not yet revealed. Fans can speculate that this will send off players to Destiny 2.

However, players can notice that the Daily Story Mission is now replaced by a Weekly Story Playlist. This new feature will reward players with a Treasure of Ages and up to 100 Legendary Marks. The missions themselves revolve around all locations in the game.

According to Polygon, the in-game Crucible will also get new changes. The player-versus-player (PvP) arena will have two new bounties as well. Aside from this, Nightfall Strikes will have a new Daybreak feature. This is a combination of Epic and Mayhem, which spawns aggressive enemies and gives players a faster super recharge.

Meanwhile, players may be glad to hear that Destiny will not be “going away” anytime soon. Bungie affirmed that they will keep the title online “for the foreseeable future.” However, the developers did not elaborate if the game will ever be put offline because of Destiny 2‘s arrival.

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