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Destiny Game Guide: How To Find Traveler’s Walk Dead Ghost

Destiny Game
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Destiny Game Guide: How To Find Traveler’s Walk Dead Ghost

Destiny appears to have some more mysteries to solve. This Destiny game guide will walk you through the Traveler’s Walk ghost.

The game’s recent Holiday event has just concluded. However, mysteries still pop up every so often in Bungie’s popular MMO. There appears to be a new dead ghost in the Traveler’s Walk of the Tower. Just what kind of answers does the ghost have?

This is a good step towards expanding on much-needed lore in the game.

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Destiny Game Guide: What are Dead Ghosts?

According to Game Rant, these “ghosts” contain some of the most well-known secrets in the Destiny game. They do not necessarily point towards anything special. However, lore junkies may acquire their daily dose of knowledge from these beings.

Bungie surprised a lot of fans by reactivating Traveler’s Walk. This was a previous home to weekly events such as the Iron Banner and Queen’s Wrath. It has been reopened, although rather empty. However, finding the hidden ghost isn’t that hard.

According to Game Rant, the best way to do this is to enter the big area at the back of the plaza. You can find the ghost on top of a railing. Keep to the right, and at the very back of the open space. The ghost features a card known as The City 2.

The lore is a conversation between people living in the City. They want to pay off Lord Shaxx to fix Crucible fights. Of course, the plan goes to disarray and led to a huge conflict, which lore fans will understand.

Here is Official Game Crash’s YouTube video walkthrough:

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Easter Eggs for Everyone

However, players still need to log in to to read every unlocked card they get.

This practice of hiding Easter Eggs gained popularity during the Halo franchise run. Each campaign apparently hides a skull with special properties. Players who get them can make ammo very rare, or even make tougher enemies. Some cases may have confetti shoot out of enemies after headshots.

Bungie’s game took a step further by hiding secrets inside content. For example, an exotic weapon like the Black Spindle has secrets of its own. The golden chests in different planets also have cool surprises for players.

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