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Destiny Game Update: Full Tweaks For Weapons, Subclasses & More

Destiny Game
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Ghost Robo account


Destiny Game Update: Full Tweaks For Weapons, Subclasses & More

The Destiny game is getting changes in weapons and subclasses in its most recent update called Hotfix 2502. It will drop on February 14. Here’s what players can expect.


In the Destiny game update, Bungie transformed the shotgun weapon. The shotgun’s magnetism and aim assist will be cut out when firing from the hip so it is necessary to aim down the sights to maximize the weapon. In addition, in-air accuracy is also massively reduced.

The developers also removed precision damage from the shotgun. The feature exempts Chaperone and Universal Remote from the removal of precision damage. Player-versus-environment damage boost are also embedded in the said weapon. The Rangefinder was also increased to 25% in aiming down sight.

Pulse Rifles

Pulse rifles will also get changes in the Destiny game. 7.7% Rate of Fire (ROF) reduction will be done for High ROF archetypes in the likes of Clever Dragon and Grasp of Malok. A 5.3% increase in the ROF will also be made in the Low ROF archetypes. Bungie also decreased the magazine size for the Grasp and Dragon archetype. Pulse rifles also gained in-air accuracy.

Auto Rifles

On the other hand, auto rifles now have additional base damage for low ROF archetypes and an additional precision damage multiplier. Small damage for High ROF archetypes have been increased. Bungie also incorporated additional precision damage multiplier for said archetypes in the update.

Hand Cannons

Another weapon class, the hand cannons, increased in initial accuracy, going “back to Year 1 level.” There is a boost in damage drop off which thus affects magnetism and aim assist. The developers cut back on the range by 5% and damage is also declined by 33% when shot at maximum range.

Destiny GamePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Testing out the weapon upgrades and changes.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Arekkz Gaming account

Special Ammo

In terms of special ammunition, players will start with special ammo but will lose them if they die in the game. Special crates appear every after 60 seconds now as compared to the previous 90-second speed. Players start Round 1 with special ammo in Elimination. The crate passive pickup has also been decreased to 75m from the original 100m.


For the subclasses, the Hunters’ Hungering Blade will no longer have regen shields immediately. Health regain for the said subclass will be more considerable. For the Warlocks, Stormcaller melee range has decreased to pair with other melees. The Titans also gained changes. Meanwhile, the Juggernaut duration decreased and players cannot activate it anymore while in the air.

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