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Destiny Game Update: Improvements, Kill Volumes & More

Destiny Game
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Destiny Game Update: Improvements, Kill Volumes & More

Bungie released a new fix for Destiny gameCheck on the details here including a new Iron Banner limited multiplayer event.

Destiny Game Update

The new Destiny game update fixes numerous problems. This includes tweaking the weapon drop in the Plaguelands during Patrol activities. Furthermore, the update eliminates the problem involving Xur’s Curios, adding the Three of Coins. In addition, the patch fixed exploits in the Crucible. The bug allows players to leave the battlefield in a dozen maps.

Next, Bungie added invisible physics, and kill volumes in the Destiny game. This is to control players from leaving the playable space on Blind Watch, The Burning Shrine, The Cauldron, Cathedral of Dusk, and The Drifter. Even more, the patch also limits space at The Dungeons, Exodus Blue, Frontier, Floating Gardens, Skyline, Timekeeper, and Vertigo. It also eliminated the problem with the Abbadon and Nova Mortis recoil stats.

The game giant also tweaked errors that are preventing players from purchasing Sparrow Racing League (SRL) Momentum gear from the Holiday Collection. Then, the Postmaster should now recover with the Snow Dreg and Felwinter Souvenir consumables.

Destiny Event

Meanwhile, Bungie reported that they will be launching an Iron Banner event. Meanwhile, the new happening will feature Clash, the game’s version of Team Deathmatch. Destiny’s 2017 event will run for a week starting on January 17, 10 AM Pacific Time. It ends on January 24 at 1am Pacific Time. Furthermore, there are awesome rewards featured such as special sidearms and rocket launchers.

Destiny is a first-person shooter game that adds role-playing and massively multiplayer online game (MMO) elements. Players can communicate with other players by using the console’s messaging system. The company added time-limited events, and modes in the game occasionally. Gamers can amplify their character’s class by gaining experience points (EXP) in Destiny. They can upgrade the characters in three major classes depending on the perks and special abilities of the character. The classes are Awoken, which are bluish-gray skinned classes of Humans. Secondly, the Exo, a special class of humanoid machines. Lastly, the humans.

Destiny is now available on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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