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Destiny Gameplay Iron Banner Clash Returns On January 17

Destiny Gameplay
Image source: Bungie website


Destiny Gameplay Iron Banner Clash Returns On January 17

Iron Banner will be returning this January 17 with a limited-time week-long multiplayer event which will go live in DestinyBungie, the game’s developer, announced that it will be live at 10am Pacific Time (PT) and will end on January 24 at 1am PT. Last December, the Iron Banner Destiny gameplay was the Rift gametype. Upon its return, the Iron Banner Player vs. Player (PvP) will be the 6v6 deathmatch Clash mode.

What Does Clash Have?

The Iron Banner Clash will be one of the best methods to level up in Light loots during the Destiny gameplay. Players can earn many rewards by finishing the Iron Bounty Clash competitions. The Light level will determine the loot to be received by the player. This can reach up to level 400 Light cap. The Iron vendor is Efrideet who comes with pre-rolled weapons and gear after every match.

This new Destiny gameplay also presents The Binding Blaze sidearm and the Titanium Orchid rocket launcher. The former is a new model which was introduced in Rise of Iron. The dilemma with sidearms is that they are not consistently available in the PvP meta because of the update with Rise of Iron. Instead, players use shotguns such as the Party Crasher +1 or the Matador 64. Others counter this with fusion rifles such as the Saladin’s Vigil.

If players fail to get some gears at the maximum Light, they are most likely to get the rocket launcher. The launcher has strong base stats. It could be highly effective in PvP or Players vs. Environment. The game also comes with chest armors such as Hunter, Warlock and Titan, and gauntlets.

Destiny GameplayPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Bungie website

Other Updates

Bungie also announced that Destiny currently has an event called Bungie Bounty Days. Every weekday, Bungie designates a target. Players can earn the Sign of Opposing Will if they take down their opponents. This already began this January 13 and will end on February 10. Every bounty ends in two hours. Follow their Twitter account to get regular updates regarding the Bounty Days.

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