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Destiny Sparrow Racing Guide For Private Matches

Destiny Sparrow Racing
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Destiny Sparrow Racing Guide For Private Matches

Here is a comprehensive Destiny Sparrow Racing Guide for players. Fans and enthusiasts can easily race Sparrows as much as they want in private matches. This will be possible after the conclusion of the Sparrow Racing League and latest live event.

This Destiny Sparrow Racing guide will help you get on board with private matches. This is imperative now since the winter live event ended yesterday. This event was called The Dawning and brought the Sparrow Racing League to a close.

However Destiny Sparrow Racing is far from being completely over. Game Rant reports that even though the League may have ended, private matches are still available. Fans of the game who wish to race with their own transport can still compete against each other.

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Tips on Finding Private Matches Menu 

You may find the mechanism for reaching the private matches menu a little nerve wracking. This guide will help you avoid any such hassles. You have to first get to the Crucible menu from the Director. You should then reach the node positioned beneath the middle line of the playlists.

This will help you get into the private matches menu. You will also need to set the map prior to the game mode for accessing Sparrow Racing. There are four tracks available including Shining Sands, Haakon Precipice and Infinite Descent. Once any one of these tracks is chosen, Sparrow Racing will be available.

You will then find it in the drop down menu for the Game Mode. Apart from playing in private matches, you can complete Quests and Record Books through the same. However, you may require your friends to pitch in with some assistance in this regard as per Euro Gamer.

What Else Remains From The Winter Event 

Fan groups can also organize racing events likewise on Twitch or YouTube. Apart from Sparrow Racing, Strike Scoring and The Elite Vanguard Bounties are still available. Even Zavala’s Vanguard bounties are available along with the SIVA Crisis and Nightfall playlists.

Destiny: Rise of Iron can be played on PS4 and Xbox One alike.

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