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Destiny Update 1.32: All Changes In Age Of Triumph Patch

Destiny Update 1.32
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Destiny Update 1.32: All Changes In Age Of Triumph Patch

Bungie has just released Destiny update 1.32 on PS4 and it contains gameplay changes as well as the Age of Triumph content. It included updates to Raids, Crucible, Patrols, Grimoire, Sandbox, Strikes, Vendors, Silver Dust Store, and Eververse.

Destiny update 1.32 has added a Raid playlist that features one Raid in the director each week. It recommends a light level of 390 and includes new weapons, armor, armor ornaments, ghosts, sparrows, shaders, and emblems to discover.

The successful completion of the featured raid in Destiny rewards players with one Age of Triumph Armor Ornament token. Finishing Challenge Modes per week will also give players the same reward. Meanwhile, completing a featured Raid’s opening encounter will give players Knuckles of Eao.

Using the Kunckes of Eao to defeat a Raid boss in the weekly featured playlist will give extra rewards to the players. Challenge Mode and Three of Coins should now activate on Templar, Atheon, Ir-yut, and Crota.

Bungie has updated core nodes in Crucible Director to cycle between available activities on  a weekly cadence. Meanwhile, Crucible Bounties have been updated to be more inclusive and would no longer require specific Subclasses or Fireteams.

The update removed the Crucible Quest chain from Lord Shaxx, although players can still finish the current quest they have already started. Once completed, they would no longer acquire the next quest in the chain. Bungie also made changes to the Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris/Elimination, Private Matches, and Maps.

Other Changes & Updates

Bungie has also fixed Plagueland patrol issues in Destiny where they were not dropping collection items. Meanwhile players can now earn the Grimore card SRL: Sparrow Racing from Private Matches using the Sparrow Racing game mode.

Those who have already acquired the Y3 Khvostov will also receive all Grimoir cards for the Khvostov Manual pages upon entering Orbit. Meanwhile, those who have also acquired the Y3 Icebreaker will slo be rewarded with the Y1 Icebreaker Grimoire Card upon entering the Orbit.

The Sandbox Mode changes included a revert on the Suros Legacy perk, No Backup Plans, Ward of Dawn cast, Apotheosis Vveil, and Embrace the Void. Bungie also increased the amount of Health and Shield given per kill from 36 to 57 on the Hungering Blade, Transfusion, Cauterize, Red Death Perk, and Lifesteal.

Bungie has added a new nightfall modifier called Daybreak which combines the Epic and Mayhem modifiers every fourth week. Meanwhile, they also added a lot more changes and updates to the Vendors, Silver Dust Store, and Eververse. Check out the official patch notes from the developers themselves over at Bungie‘s Official Site.

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