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Destiny Update: Elemental Primaries & Vex Mythoclast Return

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Destiny Update: Elemental Primaries & Vex Mythoclast Return

Three years after its release date, developers Bungie and High Moon Studios would bring back Elemental Primaries and Vex Mythoclast into Destiny. They announced that the said features would make their return in the game’s last live event, Age of Triumph on March 28, 2017.

One year ago, Destiny developers decided to remove some of the most powerful weapons found in the game. This included primaries that dealt elemental damage such as the Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence, and the Song of Ir Yut.

Elemental Primaries became a go-to weapon whenever players would engage in a Player-versus-Environment (PvE) game mode. In last year’s release of The Taken King‘s in Destiny, players hoped for more of these said weapons but developers decided to include none.

The Taken King Creative Director Luke Smith told NeoGaf back then that Elemental Primaries would become a thing of the past. Smith wanted to preserve the weapon diversity the game currently has since elemental damage were becoming a niche.

Elemental Primaries limited the weapon choices of the player whenever they would join a game. Weapons such as The Messenger (Adept) and the Word of Crota became best weapons of that year.

Developers to Remove Light Level Capping on Elemental Primaries

According to GameRantdevelopers would make Elemental Primaries relevant again by removing the level cap back then. Since they were stuck on low levels, other weapons rose to popularity and they got left behind.

This would mean that players can expect weapons such as the Fatebringer to return even more powerful than before. Players can expect that developers have finally balanced Elemental Primaries like they did with the previously overpowered weapons. They eventually found a way to nerf Gjallarhorn, Ice Breaker, and the Special Ammo change in the Crucible before.

Vex Mythoclast Returns With Increased Damage

Last February 2015, developers decided to weaken the damage dealt by the Vex Mythoclast. The Vex Mythoclast is an exotic fusion rifle capable of three to four shooting almost everyone.

The player could obtain this weapon before by killing Atheon in the Vault of Glass while on Hard Mode. It is one of a unique fusion rifle since it is the only primary weapon of its kind.

Its effect, Timeless Mythoclast, allows for it to fire a single port with each trigger pull without having any charge time. Developer Bungie said that it would further discuss the Vex Mythoclast changes in the upcoming update on their Twitch live stream.

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