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Diablo 3 Update Releases Retro Patch For 20th Anniversary

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Diablo 3 Update Releases Retro Patch For 20th Anniversary

Diablo 3 celebrates its 20th anniversary with a retro patch.

Blizzard Entertainment released a surprise for Diablo 3 fans wherein players can revisit the classic dungeons of Diablo today. Players can go through The Darkening of Tristram which is an original setting in Reaper of Souls.

This gift was announced at BlizzCon last year. This gives players a chance to go back in time to experience battling classic Diablo enemies such as The Butcher. As part of this retro update, players can also earn other rewards, achievements and new loot.

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Though this may be a simple gift, this actually brings players back to the past and offers a touch of nostalgia. The old school UI as well as the graphics and sound effects takes one back to the early days of playing Diablo. Blizzard calls it “RetroVision”, giving the game a pixelated vibe. Movement is also locked to eight directions as well.

Blizzard also recommends players to create a new character as they go through this patch although this isn’t necessarily required.

For A Limited Time Only

This update is playable throughout the month of January. According to reports, it’ll return once again in the future.

Other updates included in the patch are adjustments that affect Season Journeys and Greater Rifts. There are also new items and a seventh piece from the Crusader’s Armor of Akkhan. Some items already existing in the game were also changed such as new Legendary powers for a certain number of Legendaries. However, if one already has some of these items, no changes apply, unless you track down new ones.

The Diablo 3 anniversary gift is available on the PC, Playstation 4, Mac and the Xbox One version of Reaper of Souls.

Celebrate Diablo’s 20th anniversary by playing the update and check out the gameplay for the anniversary event below.

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