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Diablo Anniversary Crossover Event With Overwatch & More

Diablo Anniversary

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Diablo Anniversary Crossover Event With Overwatch & More

The 20th Diablo Anniversary takes place this December 31st. To celebrate the event, references related to Diablo are being implemented in other Blizzard games.

Those who have played the first Diablo game during its early days of release would really feel as decrepit as good old Deckard Cain. Only two days remain and the classic point and click action Role Playing Game becomes two decades old. A lot of players definitely have nostalgic memories of playing the first Diablo on dial-up with their friends.

This time around, Diablo isn’t heading east for some foul purpose. Instead, Diablo is heading for other Blizzard games for some fun purpose. Find out how the presence and influence of the Lord of Terror could be felt in other games. So, stay awhile and read on.

Diablo Anniversary on Diablo 3

Players who have the Reaper of Souls expansion would be able to access the original cathedral via the “The Darkening of Tristram” questline. The original cathedral is where the majority of the first game took place. It has been recreated complete with retro visuals and items. It also contains the classic four bosses: The Butcher, The Skeleton King Leoric, Archbishop Lazarus, and Diablo himself.

Heroes of the Storm

Aside from the “Lord of Terror” himself, as well as other characters and areas from the game, a new Diablo-themed brawl map would be available. The map would be based on the battle for the High Heavens in Diablo 3, however. A new Diablo-themed portrait would also be available.


The online collectible card game appears to be free from Diablo‘s influence at first sight. However, in the new Tavern Brawl, the player would face a familiar hooded stranger. Anyone who had played Diablo 2 would have an idea who the hooded stranger is. More details are expected once the additions go live.

World Of Warcraft

While nothing related to Diablo has been confirmed yet, the upcoming Legion expansion might bring along not just demons from Azeroth, but also from Sanctuary.

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StarCraft 2

The presence of the Prime Evil has even permeated in the far reaches of the galaxy, as players could now replace the portrait of their workers with that of Diablo.


Diablo wasn’t able to spread his influence much in the Overwatch universe, as if the player characters in Diablo 3 had put a stop to him. That said, sprays that represent the different character classes from Diablo 3 would become available in the 20th Diablo Anniversary. It still wasn’t specified how they would be obtainable, but most likely inside Loot Boxes at random.

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