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Digimon World Next Order: New Digimon, Free DLC & More

Digimon World Next Order
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN account


Digimon World Next Order: New Digimon, Free DLC & More

Bandai Namco has launched new Digimon for Digimon World Next Order. They have also released downloadable content (DLC) for the Digimon role-playing video game. The PS4 version of the game will be released internationally within the last week of January this year. The PS4 version for Japan will be released on February 26.

New Digimon

Digimon World Next Order will get new Digimon such as Armageddemon, Meicoomon and Maycrackmon as revealed in Bandai Namco’s website. In the game, the player explores the world while raising and taking care of two Digimon to be used in battle.

These new Digimon are possibly one of the Digimon that a player can raise. Here is a description of the said newest Digimon in the game. Included herein also is an available short guide on how to find these new Digimon.

  • Armageddemon: a powerful Mega form Digimon in Digimon World Next Order. This will be discovered in a new dungeon in the Dimensional District. Players have to finish Story Mode to defeat this Digimon and as a result, save the Digital World.
  • Meicoomon: from Digimon Adventure Tri. which is a Japanese action-adventure anime film series.
  • Maycrackmon: is also a Digimon from the same anime series.

Free Post-Launch DLC

After players download Digimon World Next Order, they can enjoy the latest DLC. Bandai Namco has also included Piedmon, Myostismon and Boltboutamon in an in-game event. They also implemented some more events which include Piedmon, Tukaimon and Sorcermon in the DLC.

Digimon Next World OrderPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN account

Network Battles

Aside from the introduction of new Digimon and DLC, Bandai Namco has also added a new feature. This is Network Battles — brought by the Dimensional Box found at the house of Jijimon. This enables players to go face to face with other players in a retro ambiance. They also gain points from these fights that will be able to open different types of rewards. Battles usually take place by the control of Artificial Intelligence. The Digimon battles automatically and the player is in charge of the commands that the Digimon should follow in order to win the battle.

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